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Lot 480 2012 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir
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Lot 480 | 2012 Russian River Valley

Pinot Noir

#1 of 4 super small-lot single vineyard Pinot Noir releases!


(9 Reviews)

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Cam Confidential


9 Reviews Total


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Excellent Pinot at Fantastic price

Too bad this is sold out, received it as a quarterly wine shipment some time ago. Had it been a blind test, I would have guessed it was in the $40+ range. This wine must be from a prominent grower in the Russian River Valley. I am a fan of Williams Selyem Pinots, and I rank this wine with that quality. It had a deep red color and was a nearly full bodied Pinot.


Verified Purchase

Been waiting to taste this

Ordered this upon its release but opted for buy and hold. I didn't want it to come cross country in the heat. Finally arrived in early October along with lot 481, 482 and 483. Opened first bottle tonight, chilled to 12 degrees C, poured into a Pinot Noir glass, no decant but waited about 30 minutes. First sip a little harsh, so I swished it around, that made a big difference. This wine is wonderful, just don't rush it. Can't wait to try the other three lots.


A quality wine at a good price.

An excellent Pinot Noir. Very, very drinkable and at a good price.


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From first to last marvelous

From the first pour, to the first sniff, to the first taste, I knew I had opened a wonderful wine. Too bad it's sol out so it cannot be savored by others.


Needs a little time

Good now but I have labeled for next year


Verified Purchase

All family and guests love this wine! I could only buy 6 bottles and they are very carefully rationed!

Smooth and luxurious. This Pinot and your 481 are fantastic.


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We found 480 to be acidic and a little rough. Perhaps another year in the bottle will smooth it out.


Verified Purchase


Day late and case short! Just amazing pinot noir! I received this pinot noir in my quarterly shipment and I wish I knew how good it was before it debuted online. If you are a pinot noir lover this is one of the best buys you will ever get!


Verified Purchase


Was taken back as to how good this was.