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Lot 475 2013 Arroyo Seco Chardonnay
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Lot 475 | 2013 Arroyo Seco


Our all time best-selling white wine series at its best - tropical, oaky, buttery, delicious. Same producer as Lot 445 and 465!


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Cam Confidential


10 Reviews Total

Tom in VA

Verified Purchase

Robust...AND Light?

When I first tasted this I was in heaven - I could definitely taste its oaky and buttery goodness, things I find hard to find in Chardonnay these days, but which remind me of the Australian ones I was weaned on years ago. I bought a case, hoping the flavor would deepen with time, but oddly they seem to retain tropical freshness over time rather than become more full bodied (I should have paid attention to Cam's "drink by 2018!"). I know that is what most people like - the French burgundy style over the heavy Australians. To each his own. But it makes me leery of jumping too quickly for the new Lot 576 from the same people. It's an excellent wine - hence my four stars - but just not my favorite profile.


Verified Purchase

Great Wine

Vey nice wine. Loved the clean crisp taste with some pear notes.


Verified Purchase

Great Chardonnay

We love the Chardonnays from Arroyo Seco. A great find when you compare to the better know very expensive Chardonnays here in the Napa Calley. I would always pick Cameron Hughes ! Keep 'em coming


Verified Purchase

Absolutely great Chardonnay

As always, this Lot 475 did not disappoint. This is one of the
best Chardonnays I have ordered. All my friends love it, and I sure
hope it doesn't sell out too quickly as I think friends, as well as myself, will be reordering on this one.
I have yet to be disappointed with any order placed with Cameron Hughes.


Verified Purchase


Almost hate to give this one a good review. Every time I do, it sells out before I can buy more. But I was smart. I bought 2 cases before reviewing. Awesome wine!


fruity and nice flavor

Really nice chardonnay. I recommend it


Verified Purchase

Good value

One of our Cameron Hughs favorites. California Chardonnay all the way !!


Great chard

Had a bottle of 445 in the garage so I opened it with this one to compare. It's the same!


The best

Buttery, oaky, everything I love about chards!

Il Professore

Very good

Good value. Citrus and moderate oak. Consistent with price point and not off flavors or aftertaste.