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Lot 472 2013 Monterey County Pinot Noir
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Lot 472 | 2013 Monterey County

Pinot Noir

Smooth, savory Pinot Noir from the Central Coast (from the same producer as award-winning Lot 442!)


(17 Reviews)

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Cam Confidential


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David Mac

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New to Monterey County

I always like trying new wines in the greater NorCal area, and this was an interesting divergence. Dry and earthy, it was a different kind of pinot, but quite good nonetheless.


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Nice cherry and plum fruit. Drinking now

Not a lot of nose but wonderful cherry and plum fruit on the taste. Concentrated taste but just a bit bitter on the finish. Medium tannins and certainly drinking now.


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Nice Pinot

Has some nice red berry notes with some spice and vanilla. Quite dry but has decent balance, just wish it had a bit more complexity.


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Another solid CH Pinot

This is in keeping with the quality and value of many of the CH pinot releases, which keeps me coming back. Fruit forward with good complexity (though, not as much as a few of my previous favorites) and in good balance with the alcohol and tannins. You can't find anything similar at this price point routinely in the retail space. Just sad that we only ordered 2 "test" bottles in a mixed shipment, and by the time we decided to look for more, they were sold out.


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Another quality Pinot

Can't say this is my all time favorite from CH, but it is a very good Pinot and well above what you can generally get in a liquor store for the price. My only complaint over the last 3 years on CH pinots is that there aren't enough of them and they sell out too quickly I always end up wanting more!


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Lot 472

I have only on regret----I did not order a case when it was available. I am usually a Willamette Valley Pinot Noir lover--but this was great juice!


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Smooth and satisfying

We decanted for about an hour before tasting. We are usually Cab drinkers, but wanted something a little lighter tonight. This was a really good, smooth, cherry Pinot, with no bite. We were disappointed to see it is now sold out. I hope we find more of this in our wine cellar.


Curious palate

Starts off tart, spicy and dry. Lingers with pepper. Finishes with a smooth aftertaste. Reels you in for more. Not for me, but may be good for the dry wine or pinot noir fan.


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Rich, fantastic Pinot

This is a five star wine, no doubt about it. Rich, smooth, flavorful, but still clearly a pinot and not a cab, merlot or syrah. Fantastic raspbery and strawberry flavors, but with an incredibly satisfying richness. Just enough tannins and structure to hold it all together. Drinks beautifully right now. You could share this with your friends, tell them it was 30 dollars a bottle and they'd love it. I'm buying a case. Seriously--a home run wine for a bargain price.


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Versatile and smooth pinot!

The 472 Monterey Pinot Noir is a terrific wine no matter if you're pairing it with bold sauces or just unwinding from a long day. Smooth, but no weakling, this wine stays on the tongue but absorbs everything else you add. Best of all (as with most Cameron Hughes wines), it comes at a great value. This bottle would probably cost $25 or more at your local store, so there's no guilt buying more!