Lot 469 2013 Napa Valley Cabernet
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Lot 469 | 2013 Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

Gold Medal, 92 pts, North Coast Wine Challenge; An incredible combination of power and finesse - our first superstar Cab release of 2016.


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Cam Confidential


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Better late than never

I finally tried a bottle 469 that I had been storing and it did not disappoint. I'm so happy that I have more as this is a perfect dark, bold cab and one of my favorites from CH.


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Great Juice

This is up there with Lot 609 as the best wine I've had from CH. Needs at least 45 minute decant. I was livid with myself after having that first bottle that I wasn't able to buy a case.



This is the best CH wine I have tried so far (OK, I only started buying them in the last 9 months). I found it to be better than the 606 and 601. Deep, full flavored, hints of fruit and oak, complex, promises more down the road. Most important, goes down great, either with food or without. I was sorry to see that it sold out, and the found out I had four more bottles stashed away I hadn't known I'd purchased!


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lovely and great value - glad I still have 1/2 case left

Needs to open - give it at least an hour. If not, there a tad too much sugar in its the fruity palate and tannin is out of whack - too tannic.

After it opens, you get more of the dried fruit / melon palate with a elegant and balanced finish. There's mild to slightly heavy tannin (not too grubby). The nose, however, is somewhat muted.


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Delicious...best of the several CH cabernets I've tried including the hyped 606, except the spectacular 603.


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Excellent cab

Bold, bright, and young. Alas, it's unavailable. Hope the '14 is similar.

Big Lou

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Luck of the draw

I am renovating my home. I reached into a Cameron Hughes box I had in storage and pulled out a bottle to take to a party. I didn't look as I was in a rush. I opened it at the party and was both delighted and disappointed. Delighted that I had found another great Cam red and disappointed that I may be sharing it with people who wouldn't appreciate it. I met another party-goer who was a Cam Fan and shared it with him. Is it wrong I drank most of it myself?


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Good One!

If you like big, bold NAPA Cabs, this one won't dissapoint. This is a dense, complex, big-boy wine that will age very well. For $32 a bottle you are stealing it. This will stand up to most 50 to 75 dollar wines at the local wine shop!


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Smooth and a great value.


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This is one big and bold cab. One of my favorites