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Lot 467 2012 Lodi Field Blend
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Lot 467 | 2012 California

Field Blend

Deep, inky, and just a bit smoky, from one of Lodi's finest.


(11 Reviews)

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Cam Confidential


11 Reviews Total


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Love Lodi

My wife and I really enjoy this blend, as with just about any Lodi we've had from CHWine



Bought this one at Costco. It's different from other Field Blend I had from CHWine. It's a bit sweet. But for this price, it's very easy to drink. I took it to my Poker game. :)


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I'm crying

I love this blend and apparently everyone else does since it is sold out. It just gets better as you drink it. I hope there is a secret stash of some that will get released later.


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This is one long time to get there wine but, when it does...Aaaaah.
Sometimes I decant and other times I try just at open. This was very young at open and after a decant and a few hours this blend delivers!
The front did not overpower but supplied a well bodied fruit with a mid slight tannin feel finishing not to deep but with a trailing berry flavor.


Nice Wine and a great value

Another nice blend at a good price


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Can't think of a better value. With the sale, this $8 bottle stacks up against many $25-$30 bottles I've had. Fantastic!


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Wait for it...

I enjoyed this Field Blend more than the Lodi Red Blend. What kept me from giving a higher rating was that it had to breathe for a full day in order to obtain the maximum flavor. Day two gave the excellent fruity, deep, medium bodied flavor as described. Perfect for the every day, after work wine, or casual dinner.. Very aromatic.


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yet another hit

I paid $10!!!! got several.. wonderful wine


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another wonderful deal as good as some of the best!

Okay... what more can I say... I am doing a $50 bottle of wine for $10.. grabbed a bunch


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Best blend

Outstanding. Great value. Flavor profile in line with CH other blends of the same varietals, but this is my favorite. Would rate at a 90.