Lot 464 2012 Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel
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Lot 464 | 2012 California

Old Vine Zinfandel

A lush, rich wine from California's Zin capital.


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Cam Confidential


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David Mac

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An Old Charmer

I kept this one a tad longer than I should have, but it was a sweet old guy. I do love a good Zin!


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Peaking NOW

We've had a few bottles of this lot sleeping in our cabinet for a few years now, so we decided to give one a try last night. Timed it perfectly! After 15 minutes in the decanter, it started peaking. Flavors are outstanding, tannins are smoooooooth, and the finish is subtle and lasting. Over the course of the ensuing 90 mins the three of us enjoying the bottle were rewarded for allowing this lil gem to sleep for a few years. Such a dang PERFECT zinfandel - if I hasn't known better I would have thought I was drinking a boutique mountain zin that sells for $80. I'd give it 93. Amazing value! Glad I still have 3 more, but they are peaking NOW so they won't be in the cabinet much longer :).


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Love Lodi

My rule of thumb here is if it's a red from Lodi, I'm buying it. This was no exception, perfect for the price.


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Solid Old Vine selection...

Great find for the price; perfect for casual affairs; went well with grilled foods; the description states a medium bodied Old Vine; however, I found it to be a tad lighter than I expected, and the finish wasn't as "smooth" as I anticipated for an Old Vine Zin, but it was still a good, solid, wine choice.


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very smooth wine

Subtle nose of dark cherries and plum, same with taste with a soft finish.


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Best Zin from Cam

I have been making Zin since I was in my twenties. This is better than any I have had.


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Very good!

Great taste and price.


Super nice finish, bold with a smooth earthy finish.

My my, This is what got me hooked on CH. trTed it at a friends and got the bug! Great Zin at a great rice and what a rich balanced finish.


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Cam is right, this has to be one of the best Zins CH has had in a long time and what a grest value at $13!!!!


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Really nice zin. Very smooth. Good nose. finishes well. Very balanced. Would rate it a 91.