Lot 458 2012 Paso Robles Petite Sirah
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Lot 458 | 2012 Paso Robles

Petite Sirah

95 pts & Gold Medal, CA State Fair 2016; 90 pts & Gold Medal, Critics Challenge 2016; An incredible expression of one of California's rarest grapes!


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Cam Confidential


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Why didn't I buy more!!!

I could sniff this wine all day! Candy nose and essense, like jolly ranchers for adults.
Please get more of this stuff, I could drink it daily.


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Huge nose/concentrated taste/outstanding

Beautiful huge nose. Very concentrated taste with raisins and black cherry on the taste. Either decant for an hour or leave in the glass about the same time and it is beautiful. One of the best CH wines especially for the price.


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Very Nice

Let it sit awhile to let the flavors pop.

Dr. jim

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Perfect example of petite syrah

Loaded with purple -red fruit, this wine at such a sweet price point is perfect with grilled meat- red sauce pasta and pizza. Where can you get this taste for the price. Petite sirah continues to be an under the radar gem


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Great Wine

This and other recent CH wines have turned my into a real Petite Sirah fan. Hoping future vintages are similar to this.


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Are Cuss Words Allowed?

Just opened this beauty up, poured pretty aggressive to open it up, let it sit for a bit then tasted. BAM!!!! First words out of my mouth are unprintable - this wine absolutely rocks. I'm absolutely kicking myself for only ordering a bottle to "test", then "test" late and get screwed.

Cameron - please bring back a relative of this if you can. Kissing cousin is fine with me. Superb job.


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Such an awesome wine!

I'm so bummed this wine has sold out. Beautiful on the nose and on the palate.


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We don't have the nose or taste buds for Mr. Hughes, but we know what we like and this is an excellent wine.


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Great value

Loved this wine. Had not expected to be this impressed with a Petite Sirah...now wish I had ordered more.


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Excellent Value

A superb wine at a great price. Glad I ordered a bit extra last time around.