Lot 451 2011 Coombsville Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 451 | 2011 Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

93 Pts, Editors' Choice: 2014 Wine Enthusiast; Gold Medal: 2013 Cabernet Shootout; Powerful, rich, intense.


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Cam Confidential


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Showing tremendous restraint

I just bought 4 bottles of this years release 545 and it prompted me to post this review. I bought 5 bottles last year drank one and loved it so much that I overcame the natural urge to drink them all on subsequent weekend. Now they're in my "cellar" testing my resolve month after month.
I think if I can wait 5 years it may be the best wine I've ever had at my house.
Looking forward to the holidays to open the first 545 and to see if the other tree can join 451 in the cellar.


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What's Not to Like

I read and appreciate all the reviews that the members write and hopefully you feel the same way about mine. That being said, I hope you don't think I am a broken record at times with my reviews. As was the case with Lot 450, I think this wine is only going to get better with time in the bottle. If you want to drink it today it will require a thorough decanting, at least 2 hours if not more. However, like Lot 450, this wine is only going to continue to develop in the bottle and you will appreciate even more in a few years. Lot 451 is already showing its muscle for a 2011 and is drinkable now, but without an intense decanting effort and allowing the wine to properly open up, the wine will come up a bit short. The tannins need some time to incorporate throughout the bottle and if allowed to do so, this wine pops and is a candidate for Cameron's best wine. I am going to cellar the rest and enjoy down the road but for a 2011, in its infancy, in my opinion it is going to rival Lot 360 and 500 as the best.


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Excellent Cab

Try this one!! One of the best Cabs from CH. Rich and powerful yet smooth at the same time.


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powerful, rich, delicious! great value!


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Very high quality for the price

Love what Cam has done with this one. More old world than new and delicious with rare roast lamb.


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Bought twice.

This is the wine that convinced me of the difference between cheap and luxury wines. I followed Cam's video review and could definitely taste the "molten licorice". I would also like to add on to that rose petals. If you're looking to turn your friends on to CH wines, this is the one that'll hook'em. Just ask them to guess the price before you tell them.


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A Cab lovers dream!

The best Cab that I've had in some time. I shared a bottle on X-mas
Eve with some close friends who enjoy good wine. Each of us were
left with our mouths open WOW! I'm thankful I decide to buy a case.
This Cab could be CHW's best ever.


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Bet Cab by Cameron Hughes

Tried a bottle and ordered a case. Excellent value.


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Fantastic find!

Well done CH! This is a complex chewy one. I let it breathe for a few hours and it mellowed into a smoother wine. I'm going to stash the remaining bottles for a few years, lots of potential!


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Knocked my socks off

Opened first bottle last knight not knowing what to expect. Kapow! What intense flavor. This wine is not for the faint of heart. Finished the second half tonight. It had mellowed a little. It's going to be interesting how this lot develops over time.