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Lot 450 2011 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 450 | 2011 Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

92 Pts, Editors' Choice: 2014 Wine Enthusiast; Gold Medal: 2013 Cabernet Shootout; Top-notch Napa Cabernet from one of Napa's best vineyards.


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Cam Confidential


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We are CH club members and love just about all of the wines we've tried. We don't do reviews on all, but we felt a need to for this one
First of all, we disappointed it is sold out, but I think we may have another bottle left. This less than $30 a bottle wine tasted like a $100 bottle of wine. It was very bold, rich, jammy, and simply wonderful. I feel bad we drank it on a regular Saturday night instead of waiting for a special occasion, but this wine made our night special. It was simply exceptional!


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Young…..but great potential

I am beginning to look to CH Wines for quality cabernets that out perform their price point….and I was not disappointed with Lot 450. Even in a challenging year, I am impressed with the potential of this wine. It is tight and very structured right now but with time in the glass you can begin to get a glimpse of where this wine is going. The challenge will be keep my hands off the remaining bottles for a few years.



I was debating on not reviewing this wine, since it's no longer available. However, of all the wines I've tasted so far (not many, yet) from this label, this one stands out in my memory.

It was from a purchase my wife made. I didn't join her with the first bottle. Finally on the third day, she insisted I try it. Unfortunately by then, there was only a bit left in that bottle...thankfully she'd picked up a few more for cellaring.

Solid structure. Balanced taste. Again, the licorice aromatics drew me in.

I'm not the type to "buy a case of wine". I prefer to purchase a few bottles and move on. There are too many good wines to sample. I think I would have purchased a case of this, had it been available. Excellent taste. Impressive price. It was the first Cameron Hughes wine that I tried and it got my attention.


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Consistently Delicious Cabernet - Enjoyable Drinking! A Real Treat

I have followed CHW almost since the beginning. I see a new trend being set by Cameron beginning with Lot 451 (outstanding) and now Lot 450. Sourcing the best vineyards in Napa Valley & setting loose his very talented wine makers to add their special touch. Whenever I see licorice or molten licorice in the mix my antenna goes up! It's getting interesting to say the least.


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Very dark intense blueberry flavor with a very smooth finish .Agree that this will be superb with a little more aging.

A classic cab well balanced with intense dark fruit flavors. Only wish I would have purchased more. Taste lingers and was difficult to sip ever slowly.


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A GREAT wine

Sad to review this after it is sold out, but it deserved its due. This is a top notch Napa cab, one you could easily have sold for 50 or more. It's got it all. After a few minutes in the glass it opens right up. This is an intense and focused wine. Very dark, Black fruit, graphite, black cherry, nice tannins. A rare combination of structure and fruity approachability. If I needed a go-to wine to impress some guests, this would be it.
Cam--Keep it up. Your high-end cabs lately have been home runs--exactly the CH model. Love em!


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Classy Napa Cab

Oh my! Easily holds its own with $75+ Napa Cabernets. The nose is blueberry with a touch of vanilla. Absolutely captivating aromas with a slight mineral good I could just leave it in the glass and not drink it, but that's no fun. At first, the wine is reserved, but then slowly builds on the palate and bursts with flavors of black currant, and sweet French oak. The 30-second finish is full of wonderful tannins. Definitely could age another 5-10 years. This is a classy Napa Cab. I am not sure how CH pulled this off in 2011; the vineyard has to be in a warmer part of the valley to yield fruit of this quality (in this vintage). For those that have had $75+ Cabs, do not be afraid to pull the trigger on this Lot. For those that do not like to spend $25+ on a bottle of wine, you will not be disappointed, this is a nice splurge.


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Patience is a Virtue

I like it, but don't love it...YET! I think that is the key word...YET! Let's be honest, this wine needs some time to develop. On the nose, it is a typical Napa wine, fruit forward, tons of black fruit and particularly the blueberry that Cam mentions. However, once in the mouth, the tannin is a bit overpowering, the finish is not there, and thus the wine is currently out of balance. An hour or 2 in a decantor will help but this wine needs years in the bottle to further develop. It is drinkable now but you will not reap the benefits of where this wine will be in 3-4 years. I am going to give it 4 stars but I am confident, after a few years in the cellar, this wine will be dynamic and compete for supremacy against the likes of Lot 500 and my personal favorite, Lot 360. Be will be glad you did.


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If Lot 500 is going to better than 450, I'm a believer

Lot 450 came in our December wine club shipment. I seriously don't know how this guy does it! We LOVE this one! It's soooo smooth and then towards the end you get some spiciness, my favourite in a napa cab. We had opened a 500 and then the 450, and found they were so close in quality, my taste buds (and friends) screamed buy more! So we did! We bought a case (of both 500 and the 450) during the winter sale! Thank you Cameron! You are my hero!


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Uff da!

Hint of earthiness. Electric Blueberry with dark crushed plum and pulsating red licorice. Just a minute touch of vanilla spice? The dilithium crystals are overloading, captain!

Refined fruit out the wazoo. Liquid plasma energy. I almost don't want to drink it because it smell so good.

Velvety smooth dark fruit on the mid-palate with SMOOTH tannins. Great lingering finish. Balanced. Hint of pepper as the fruit recedes.

This will age well... if it lasts that long, cuz baby, this juice is really good right now.

Uff da! Way to go, Cam!!!