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Lot 441 2013 Monterey County Chardonnay
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Lot 441 | 2013 Monterey County


Gold Medal, 2015 SF Chronicle Wine Competition; World-class Chardonnay from Monterey County


(36 Reviews)

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Cam Confidential


36 Reviews Total


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Very nice easy drinking

Beautiful nose/pineapples and fruit on the nose and taste. Lighter style of Chardonnay. Very easy drinking and goes down very nicely. Great summer Chardonnay.


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Great Value

Clean and smooth chardonnay. Fruity but not too sweet. Great value for the price.


Too Sweet!

I'm a huge fan of CH wines. I don't like crowds, but will forge through the crowded aisles of Costco just to afford whatever chardonnay is on the shelf at a price I can afford.
So imagine my excitement when this showed up at Trader Joes. And then my disappointment when I open and taste it. Lot 441 is so sweet, no oak, butter, caramel, anything to balance the sweetness. I'm mixing it with a wine that is too oaky to get a good glass of wine. Disappointed!!


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Slick and sweet

First chard from CH Wines that I don't really like.
Sweet as a 10.0 alcohol riesling....

Good fruit with a slick finish.


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Fruity and Sweet

A nice light and fruity chardonnay. 4 stars as I found it to be just a bit too sweet. A good value though for the price if you enjoy a sweet wine.


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Best Chardonnay we havehad thus far from CH

The ONLY thing wrong with this wine is that I didn't buy more (and I bought a lot) before it was gone. I would have gotten cases of it had I known. It was light crisp tasting wine that had a great balance of fruit and butter. Hope they come up with anything that even comes close to how good this was (especially for the price)!


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A great value and only the CAM Collection is a bit better


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What a fantastic Chard!

A friend had given me a bottle of 441. Did not open it for quite sometime, but once I did....WOW! Great butter taste and so, so smooth. Great taste of pear and oak! Went to order a case of this wine and too my surprise....CH was out of 441! Needless to say, not a happen camper. That will teach me to procrastinate!


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Good but oakey

The wine is good but a little too oakey.
If you like the oakey flavour this wine will be good.


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Too sweet

While not much of a white wine drinker, I decided to try this one - it is too sweet for my taste and I will not be purchasing this one again.