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2011 North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 436 | 2011 North Coast

Cabernet Sauvignon

A prime candidate for value Cabernet of the year!


(49 Reviews)

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Wine Details
Cam Confidential


49 Reviews Total

David Mac

Verified Purchase

HELLO North Coast!

Another seldomly hit area, this was a hot little number. A different flavor profile over the course of 3 bottles and 2 years, which speak to the excellent overall quality of CH wines.


Verified Purchase

Everyday cab at a great price. Serve it to company all the time to rave reviews

Tremendous value. I should have ordered more......


Verified Purchase

Love it

I love this wine! It is smooth with great flavor. You can pair it with anything or nothing at all. It is the best Cab at that price. I hope they bring it back soon...


Verified Purchase

Very good Cab

My parents suggested this wine so I got two cases to get free shipping.
Oh boy, all my wine drinker and non-wine drinker friends luv it!
Some thought it's $25 bottle of wine!
Of course I will NOT share the price I paid for this wine :)


Verified Purchase

Good everyday wine!

We can drink this wine everyday, everywhere!
Brought to cruise trip, friend's BBQ, family picnic.....
Everybody love it!


Verified Purchase

Great wine for the price

We ordered two cases of 436 and enjoy every bottle of it!
Tried to reorder and it's out of stock :(
Hope will find something like it again soon in


Verified Purchase

Great Cab - great price

Love the deep body and fruit. Cannot beat the price. This is our new everyday cab taking the place of our old standby lot 421.


Verified Purchase

Perfect Value Cab for daily drinking.

Allow this delicious North Coast Cab to open up, sit back, and try to believe you paid less than $25 for this bottle!

Johnny B

Verified Purchase

Great Cab for the money

I am a Cab man and of course enjoy a great Cab anytime. The problem is great Cabs are costly and for me not an every day happening. 436 is the perfect alternative. It's a very solid Cab at a fantastic value.


Verified Purchase

Great Value

Really can't beat this cab at this price point. Great for any occasion!