Lot 433 2012 Happy Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 433 | 2012 California

Cabernet Sauvignon

A Santa Barbara County Cabernet that rivals Napa Valley in quality.


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Cam Confidential


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Finally got around to opening

Held this for awhile. It was still good. Vinification says till 2024.


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Great value, silky smooth cab

I bought a case of this wine well over a year ago after a coincidental visit to Los Olivos and Santa Barbara wine country, and finally decided to check it out. It's Outstanding. It tastes great from the moment opened, and gets even smoother and silkier as it opens up. Wish I could buy some more of these!


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Nice cab but a bit pricey

Nice cab drinking now. Big fruit nose but not a lot of fruit on the finish. Should drink what you have within the next 5 months or so as it is drinking very nicely now. Somewhat light for a cab from CH. My thought is that this is a $15 bottle of wine.


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Outstanding for the "lower" valued Cabs

Have had a few of the higher end "big" CH Cabs - this wasn't one of those but was certainly worth every bit of the price level. Paired it with a nice Ribeye and it was a perfect partner. Would order again but the Big Cabs from CH I think are worth the extra money (525, 535 and 596 are the ones I have had).


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Happy Cab Ride

For the money, this was one fine ride.


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Nice Cab

Easy drinking wine. Not complex but not disappointing.
Good fruit...and a little woody hint.


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Solid Cab

This is a good Cab from Santa Barbara. Very enjoyable. And good price.


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Very Nice wine!

I let this wine breath for about an hour before we started drinking. It opened up nicely and was a smooth drink from the start.


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Really nice cab- makes me happy!

Another amazing wine from CH. Tremendous value. Bold and luscious.


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Great value

Lighter than we are used to in a Cabernet, but Happy Canyon nevertheless has its own distinctive, very pleasing, classic taste. Very enjoyable and gives the impression of a significantly higher price point. A winner!