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Lot 427 2012 Los Carneros Chardonnay
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Lot 427 | 2012 Sonoma Valley


Recommended by 2014 Wine Enthusiast; Vibrant aromas, creamy finish - classic Carneros Chardonnay.


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Cam Confidential


11 Reviews Total


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Liked this better than the Lot 445 2013 Arroyo Seco Chardonnay.
Flavor and brightness were better. Not as heavy.


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One of Those "Wish We Had Bought More"

If French style Chardonnay is of your favor- this wine delivers.


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Good Chardonnay Buy

Crisp and clean and nice fruit balance.


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Great Value

This wine has received accolades from our guests as a summer sipping wine. It is a great value. Holds up fine to some dinners, though I prefer it as an everyday wine, drinking on boat rides and with appetizers, etc.


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Great wine for the price

I love Carneros Chardonnay and this one does not disappoint!


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Good Value

The 2012 Los Carneros Chardonnay is a good value wine however I have had better Carneros Chardonnay's from CH. Usually I go for more buttery Chards from Carneros and Lot 427 is lacking from that aspect. Overall it is a very drinkable and light Chardonnay.


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Very Drinkable

Very decent wine for the price. Not as buttery as I am used to but very drinkable. Don't drink it too cold. We like our chardonnay a little up from chilled !


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Good value for price

Very good chardonnay for decent price.


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Considering the price, the Los Carneros Chardonnay is worth the value paid. I've had better Los Carneros and I've had worse.


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highly recommend

one of your best