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Lot 421 Triage Red Blend
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Lot 421 | Non-Vintage Napa Valley

Triage Red Blend

Cam's pick for wine bargain of the year!


(69 Reviews)

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Cam Confidential


69 Reviews Total

Wine Lover

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Pretty Good

This blend is not as good as the Lot 487 but still a bargain at this price point.


Outstanding flavor

This is a winner! Bright berries but dry , full of flavor with great finish. Has just enough acid. Outstanding.


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I just opened my second to last bottle of this, and this already outstanding wine seems to have gotten even better. (After having purchased about 4 cases of this over the last 2 years, I'm crushed that there isn't more to buy.) This is absolutely gorgeous wine -- very balanced, and a finish that goes on forever. Compares favorably to plenty of $100 bottles.

Man, I hope they are working on the next Triage....


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A very good value and finish

This wine is very good. I opened it, drank a glass, rubber stopped and placed in refg for 2 days. Set the bottle out to reach room temp, and drank with a friend. Very nice!
Wish could get more:)


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Smooth Operator

I found this wine to be really nice in every aspect. Interesting nose, with unmistakable fine Napa dark fruit opens the glass followed by a cozy ultra smooth, steady source of dark fruit, little barrel and just a touch of acidity to keep things peppy. A very nice value for a thoughtful red blend.


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Nice Blend

This wine is a perfect blend. I bought it at least twice. It does not disappoint at all. For the money it is a heck of a bargain.


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The best I've had

This is the best wine that I have had here at CH. It is so good. I am sad it is sold out. Hopefully they find more of it or the next version of it is similar. What a great wine.


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This is very well knitted together and drinks easy. However it wasn't as bold as I expected/hoped it would be for the pedigree.


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Good not great

I like this and was glad to try it, but wasn't blown away. Good value, but I like my reds a little bolder.


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Very good

Another great blend from CH, this one is a bit lighter than some of the other blends from CH. Very smooth. A bit of fruit. Blueberry and graphite tones. I would rate it an 89. Good value.