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Lot 414 2012 Prosecco D.O.C. (Italy)
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Lot 414 | 2012 Italy


Gold Medal: 2014 Denver Int'l Wine Competition; Delicious Italian sparkling wine - perfect for toasts and celebrations.


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Cam Confidential


24 Reviews Total


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An awesome prosecco

This is a killer Prosecco. I am so sad it's sold out. It is one of best Proseccos I've ever had.


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Great first Prosecco

So this is my first Prosecco. I'm not a "wine guy", but had the occasional glass at a party or fine dinner. When I bought a few bottles here for the Thanksgiving I was hosting, I added this. It was a hit at my party and to my surprise, I liked it too. We didn't finish it and it went "flat", but was still tasty after that. I'm buying it again and will fix up some mimosas or other wine cocktail and see how that goes. I imagine great!


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Can't miss with this one.

Great bottle for the price. We've gone through two cases so far. Tried a few bottles and then kept ordering. No one seems to turn this one down. Served at a party and everyone loved it. Ran out quickly, now need to order more.


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Most fun you can have for $14

Perfect little aperitif wine and I far as I can tell as good as any prosecco gets. More mellow than a typical champagne and $26 cheaper. Well worth the money and there's always a couple of bottles in any mixed case I order from CHWine


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Tasty light white sparkling wine

I do not like champagne. My wife likes prosecco so we got some of these. I normally don't drink more than a sip of champagne but I drank two glasses of this from the first bottle with some cheese. It's pretty light and is not a coke product level of fizz. It's sparkling but modest fizz level, very drinkable. Not exactly sweet but sweeter than champagne. Not dessert wine sweet at all. Try a bottle, I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't drink it and for the price there certainly worse choices on the shelf at your grocer.


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I took a chance on this prosecco and just didn't like it. I seldom have a disappointing experience with CHW wines but there you have it.


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Gone But Not Forgotten

There is a reason this Prosecco has sold out. It was one of the best of its type. It will be missed.


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Very Nice!

Very solid and refreshing. Purchased it twice for a total of 6 bottles and served it on two different dinner parties with rave reviews each time!


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nice and refreshing

pleasant prosecco, better than a lot.

Lyn & Marsha

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We absolutely love this Proseco. We order it all the time. We served it at our daughter's wedding in March and have continued to order it all summer.