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Lot 411 2015 Moscato d'Asti
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Lot 411 | 2015 Italy


Our #1 customer requested wine! Artisan-crafted from a single vineyard’s 30 year-old vines, Lot 411 is the pinnacle expression of Moscato and the one you’ll find yourself using as a benchmark against all others.


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Cam Confidential


63 Reviews Total

David Mac

Verified Purchase

Gramps' Favorite

I rarely venture outside of NorCal for my CH wines, but Moscato was Gramps's favorite, so I had to grab a couple bottles. Sweet and tangy, this was a wonderful summer wine.


Verified Purchase


We served this beautiful wine at our gourmet club as part of the dessert course. There were quite a few guests that said they would try it, but also said they were not sweet wine drinkers. Everyone loved this moscato, it was light, crisp and had just the right amount of bubbles. I only have one bottle left, so I truly look forward to the next opportunity to get some Moscato d'Asti! I don't have enough stashed away, so please make some more soon!


Verified Purchase

Perfect balance for Moscato lovers

Bought the wine for a friend who loves Moscato and the feedback was fabulous


Verified Purchase

Perfect for any occasion!

We love this wine! Crisp, refreshing and sweet. We reach for this bottle before any other. When it inevitably happens, please do not let this wine stay out of stock for too long!

Sweet and yummy

Verified Purchase


Nice, crispy and summery


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If you like sweeter wines, this is it...

My son is a fan of this wine - touch effervescent and a touch sweet... For me, too sweet...


Verified Purchase

Great sipping wine, my kids love it.

Bought nearly a case of this wine in preparation of my kids coming home from college for the holidays. They call it candy wine. They enjoyed it very much and I appreciate the low alcohol content.

Moscato lover

Verified Purchase

Absolutely delicious

I love this wine. One of my all time favorite wines! It's heaven in my mouth.


Verified Purchase


Light and fruity (particularly peach). Excellent for the holidays.

Husband of winewife

Verified Purchase

Top Shelf.

My wife is the wine drinker in the family. Me... well I enjoy my crown/rocks. However she has had me try Cameron Hughes and I am enjoying wine alot more with the wife. Lot 411 being my favorite. We love being able to order by the case and not feel like we bought a new major appliance $$$. Thank you CH for your amazing wines. My wife and I will be lifetime customers. God Bless