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Lot 405 2012 Central Coast Pinot Noir
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Lot 405 | 2012 Central Coast

Pinot Noir

Classic, savory, delicious California Pinot Noir.


(35 Reviews)

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Cam Confidential


35 Reviews Total

David Mac

Verified Purchase

A Late Bloomer

I drank one bottle of this wine after about 9 months and it was spicy and dry, but quiet and unassuming. I drank a second bottle about 2 years later and it had grown substantially. Not among my favorites, but it did benefit from resting time.


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Nothing special

Not a lot of fruit in the nose. Seems to be a bit harsh/bitter on the taste. It did not open up as much as I had hoped. Drinkable but certainly not up to the other reviews


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Very Nice PN

This is a very nice Pinot Noir. A little more substance and legs which is just fine with me.


Great Pinot

This was one of the best PN that i have had. It was a smooth drink with no harsh finish. Great taste overall.


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Best CH Pinot

Very Very good Pinot.. Wish I had ordered more, this has been my favorite Pinot so far from CH.


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Love this rich Pinot!

This is my go to bottle. It was my first Cameron Hughes to try from a neighbor. Only wish I had ordered more.


More Please

I hadn't had a CH wine in a couple years(nothing wrong with them, but I had moved to a rural area that didn't locally supply them), but found this one at Lucky's Market in Columbia, MO. It was simply delicious. Big fruit bomb, but balanced. Rich with cherry and raspberry, and also a handful blueberries thrown in. Some floral notes, and lightly earthy. Hoping they still have a few bottles left the next time I go shopping, and I can't wait to order some other wines from the site!


Verified Purchase

Very surprising Pinot

Purchased a bottle to fill out a case and was pleasantly surprised. I am not much of a Pinot drinker but ordered again because I liked it so well.


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Really nice Pinot Noir

I have never had a CH I thought was really bad, so I ordered a few of this one in my last order to even it up at 2 cases for free shipping. Very glad I did. This is a so flavorful and big, almost like a cab or Syrah, but has the smoothness and is lighter like a Pinot noir. It is $16 now. It was less when I bought it, fantastic wine at $16, but now it's to the point where you have to ask if you'd rather have 3 of lot 386 or two of these. I'll take three of lot 386 when it comes to stocking the cellar for parties but this is still a really good wine I will buy again. 5 stars at the price I bought it, 4 at 16 so CH doesn't get too cocky and start raising prices and put my local wine guy I normally buy these from out of business ;)


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Good Deal

Great value!