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Lot 401 Russian River Valley Chardonnay
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Lot 401 | 2012 Russian River Valley


Award Winner San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. The epitome of Russian River Valley Chardonnay - one of the best Chards we've ever sourced.


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Cam Confidential


22 Reviews Total


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Pleasant Chardonnay

I am not a white wine drinker at all, but one of my best wine friends is so I decided to get a few of these for her. She loved it and it was really a nice wine in my opinion. Unfortunately they are sold out because she wants more. We have also had Lot 412 and that is a great white as well. Be on the look out for these should CH have a hidden stash they are waiting to unveil, or if they have releases from the same vineyards!


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solid Chardonnay that's unfortunately sold out

Last night, while preparing the Chinese stir-fry, we popped open this round Chardonnay. I can't remember how much I paid for it, but knowing myself it probably was around $13 to $15 and thus a great value when compared with your usual supermarket fares in that price range. I like to keep a few whites around for these occasions when a red is just not right--and this Chardonnay was just perfect while putzing around the kitchen, nipping here and there and being delighted by its full flavor. Yes, at 14.2% this one is a bit stout for a white, but other than another reviewer I did not find this detrimental. The wine is not as refreshing as some lighter fare, so I can't really see this one as a "summer wine" either. Coming to think of it, next week is Thanksgiving, and I think Lot 401 would nicely pair with some white turkey meat. Bummer this one is sold out, but I still have three bottles. :)


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Great summer chardonnay. Light and crisp without heaviness of oak or buttery flavor.
Will buy again and again.


Not my favorite

I have loved every cameron Hughes wine I've had...until this one. Picked up a bottle at Costco with high hopes, but I would not reorder. Very rare for us not to enjoy a CH wine but I guess it has to happen once in a blue moon.


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Adequate value

This definitely is for the chardonnay enthusiast who does not like buttery or oaky tasting wine. The wine would have a better taste but the high alcohol content steals the flavors.


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Excellent if you like steel fermented chardonney - we do

Great for summer. Not buttery, but great nose and clear essence of the grape.

Robert J

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This is a all around great wine!

This is my favorite all around wine. It is a fruity wine that stands up to any chard. Great taste without being overly Oaked.
Over the last several years I have purchased almost of my wine from CH and have never been disappointed!


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Nice fruit, with a creamy mouthfeel. Another top notch CH effort. Compares well with $25 chards.


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Great party wine

In the words of Cam, "the nose is worth the price of entry alone." We serve this Chard as a daily drinker and receive nothing but complements.


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RR Chard at it's Best

Very soft oak. Nice tropical fruit with hints of mild lemon custard. Great texture-lush and rich. Shows best either cool or even at room temp of 65 or lower.