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Lot 398 2012 Dry Creek Valley Pinot Noir
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Lot 398 | 2012 Dry Creek Valley

Pinot Noir

Gold Medal: 2014 Denver Int'l Wine Competition; 92 Pts, Gold Medal: Critics Challenge; Juicy, seductive, provocative Pinot Noir.


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Cam Confidential


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David Mac

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Dry Creek Beauty

Dry Creek was new to me back in the early Teens, but this one opened my eyes. Spent a couple years in the bottle and that was enough. An excellent pinot.

Viejito feo

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We drank this in 2014 I gave it Silver my wife rated it Gold...
March 2018 .. We opened our second Bottle . My wife rated it DOUBLE GOLD.. I gave it PLATINUM...


EVERYTHING the best of these reviews have said!

No longer NEEDS decanting/air to "show", although the flavors DID improve markedly with time in the glass. I'll likely hold my remaining 2 bottles for 18 mos or so, expecting them to last every BIT as long as the talking pts here say.


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Decent, not spectacular

I like this pinot, but it doesn't have the depth or richness of, say, Lot 483. It's light and easy drinking but it didn't "wow" me. There are better pinots out there.


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Raspberry Pint

This Pinot Noir is pure raspberry. Open up a pint of raspberries and smash your face into it, and that is this wine. Touches of earthy spice, but very subtle. I think it was a great value at $16, but would be disappointed at $40+ given the lack of depth.


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Great Example of a Pinot Noir

Smooth, on the light side, and a great value for the price. It doesn't have that overly alcoholic odor that you get from some other wine. For the price, I think it's solid


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Good, solid Pinot, but not over the top.

I am a big fan of CH's various Pinots they've released over the years.
Though this one is very good, that's how I'd rate it. Not great or over the top excellent, but a solid, very drinkable wine


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Have to Say...

I agree with the reviewer who found this wine a bit weak. I bought it based on all the recommendations and awards. Have four bottles. Uncorked one tonight. Underwhelming. Does it need more time in the bottle?


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Not My Favorite

Read the glowing reviews and I have to say I'm not feeling it all on this wine. I let the wine breathe & it didn't help. Poor finish and a little sharp for a pinot. Not worth $16


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The only wine for our Thanksgiving dinner and the only mistake was I only brought 1 bottle