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Lot 395 2010 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir
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Lot 395 | 2012 California

Pinot Noir

Award Winner: 2014 SF Chronicle Wine Competition; Delicious raspberry, cherry, and spice with juicy texture. Archetypal California Pinot.


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Cam Confidential


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David Mac

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A Saucy Ruby Pinot

This was fresh and light with the perfect amount of "weight" for a summer BBQ. A great wine.


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I let it rest for two years... Wonderful... Visiting friends enjoyed it...


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Another fantastic RRV Pinot!

Along with Lot 403, these two Russian River Valley Pinots are simply excellent straight out of the bottle! Wish I could get more!


Light, refreshing, clean red

This is a perfect weeknight pinot. Juicy raspberry with a little earth and a little spice. Found this at a random wine shop near my home and bought out the store! Glad I did. This is a white wine drinker's red. Not too hefty, not too tannic....great with almost any dish or on its own.


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I'm just sorry I didn't buy more.


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One of my favorites!

The true test is how many bottles you buy, and I've probably ordered 3 cases of this. Simply a steal at $18


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Wonderful Pinot Noir!

I recommend that you stock up on this one while still available!


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Great Everyday Wine

This is slightly better than Lot 405 but they are both great to have as an everyday wine. Goes well with food or just sipping while enjoying the sunset.


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Classic Russian River

You won't be disappointed with this lot. Smooth raspberry flavor with a hint of cherry. I would compare it to a 30-35 dollar bottle from CA or Oregon. Grab a case while it lasts.


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So, I got my case of CH wine home, and popped the cork on my first bottle of Lot 395 as my first one out of the case. Initially I was very disappointed, not much flavor... all I got was tannins. And then... I REALIZED MY ERROR. I'd picked up my case from my office shipping department before I left for work, and then ran four hours worth of errands with the case in the trunk of my car in sub-freezing temperatures. The bottle was quite cold, probably 40-454 degrees, tops. Don't know why I didn't realize this before... oops, my bad. So I decanted into a container, and funneled back into the bottle and figured I'd try again tomorrow at room temperature. Lo and behold, this wine opened up like you wouldn't believe. The fruit is there, and definite, but not overpowering. Raspberry, and cherry, for sure. Wish this wine had a bit more of a tail on the finish, but hey, perfection is rare. It's an awesome wine at a great price, as long as you don't leave it in the trunk of your car in winter before uncorking it... :)