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Lot 392 2011 Saint-Joseph (France) Syrah
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Lot 392 | 2011 France


Old-world Syrah from a super high end producer in the Northern Rhone.


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Cam Confidential


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nice table wine

good change from the regular napa cabs... good for a change not my favorite though.


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Very nice St. Joseph

I love Rhone wines, north and south, and generally like Rhone style wines made elsewhere. This Syrah from St. Joseph surprised me a little because I would have guessed it was from California and not France. Not very much like a northern Rhone, stylistically, but very good nonetheless.


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I Love This Wine

Elegant. Complex. Funky. Definitely an old world wine and a nice change of pace from the big California cab. I do detect barnyard on the nose and I like it. I can see how this can be a divisive wine, but if you are looking for something different and unique, this is for you.


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Interesting, puzzling wine

Because we had just returned from the northern Rhone and had tasted a few St Josephs and there was a 30% or so off sale! I bought a half dozen bottles without reading Cam's notes about the barnyard nose which he seemed to think was a good thing. The first bottle I almost dumped after the first whiff/taste but after aeration and a couple hours the offensive odor dissipated leaving a fairly nice Syrah. Interestingly, the next 2 bottles opened a few weeks later yielded almost none of this odor though I did immediately pour it through the aerator upon opening and it tasted nice though not as good as a 2011 St Joseph I had bought at the source for 2-3 times the price (but without the barnyard). If the next 3 bottles which I plan to wait 6-12 months to open are without the barnyard, I will consider the purchase well worth it. I should mention that not all can detect this barnyard odor - my wife for example cannot detect it on this or a couple other wines we have had over the years.


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I know absolutely nothing about wine but got in on a sale from a while back. This was the only bottle I opened so far but from this layperson's opinion, it tastes pretty good! I've run into some bad reds before that were overly bitter or harsh. This one was smooth and quite palatable.


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I ordered this about 2-1/2 months ago. Opened the first bottle tonight. It was chilled to 52 degrees. I love it. Wonderful smooth taste. Cannot understand how other reviewer gave it 2 stars and "barnyard taste". Maybe it has to sit awhile after shipping. To my taste this is a great wine.


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Barnyard is all I taste-smell

I love a good Syrah but this one is not going to be on my list for a long time. Unfortunately/fortunately I bought 3 bottles maybe I can put two away for a while. I am not sure I would serve it to guests because of the strong "barnyardy" according to review. I am hoping to stick it away and see if it improves.


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Spectacular Syrah?

Just received several bottles notch Syrah. Easily a 75-85 dollar bottle from Paso Robles. Deep rich color with great tails. Get some while it lasts!