Lot 382 2010 North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 382 | 2010 California

Cabernet Sauvignon

Contender for Value Cab of the Year!


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David Mac

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Dynamite Sonoma Valley Cab

This WAS the best cab I got from CH that year. I drank a couple right away (a few weeks after arrival) and stashed a couple bottles until just a year or two ago and the difference was notable. Both were excellent, but it goes to show how a well made wine can evolve in the bottle. Amazing.


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The best at that price range

Definitely my favorite CH below $20.


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Very Good Cab

I really like this wine. It is not heavy, beautiful tannins and just nice to drink. It is a great value for the price.


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Solid Cab

Wow, I sure wish I'd have bought all available when this went on sale for $8. It's a much better wine than most $20 bottles you will buy at your favorite grocer. Has the body and flavor you expect from a California Cab. I'm not afraid to pull this one out in front of discriminating friends.


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Why didn't I buy a case? Why?!?

This WAS a great value at $12 and when it went on sale for $8, I was crazy for not buying a case (or two). What better way to impress friends than to open a bottle to share and letting them know it is your "every day" wine.


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Solid cab and a great value

Let it open up a bit and you'll enjoy


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I really enjoyed my bottle of the Lot 382 Cabernet , delicious, thank you?!!


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Great Every Day Wine

Let's face it - this isn't the most incredible wine CH has ever produced. What it IS, though, is a fantastic value for an every day bottle of Cab.

Medium fruit, jammy, and soft tannins, and a hint of oak. Not the thin, alcoholic, sugary, over-ripe fruit taste so common in many bottles of wine off the shelf at the local wine store for this price point. It definitely drinks more like a typical $25 or maybe even $30 bottle of wine.


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Good Value Cab

Good stuff, especially at the price. Rich red fruits dominated for me, and the wine had a nice finish.


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Great Strength, Full,Body

If you like a full bodied, structured Cab, this is your bag!
You can search and search and not find a full bodied Cab like this at this price.