Lot 38 2005 Barossa Valley 100 Year Old Vines Shiraz

Lot 38
2005 Barossa Shiraz - 100 Years

Lot 38

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The color is an attractive deep, dark purple hue, and the initial aromas expose the intensity and depth of the wine. A myriad of rich, ripe berry fruits with spice undertones from the oak are complemented by the glorious complexities of the characters of fine leather, flavors that are only derived from intense, old vines. The taste fully expresses the initial impressions, and the aromas are transformed into a tangible experience of tasting a small piece of history. Revel in the smooth grape tannins, the delicious sweet fruit richness, and the firm, natural acidity that finishes the wine brilliantly and entices you to take another sip. This is phenomenal stuff.

Style: Full, Bold