Lot 370 2007 Coteaux du Languedoc
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Lot 370 | 2007 France


Deep red fruits, blueberries, thyme, sage, and savory roasted meat notes scent this modern yet classic Côteaux du Languedoc.


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David Mac

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Hit or Miss when Unfamiliar

I'm notably ignorant when it comes to French varietals and while this wine was by no means "bad," I made an error in judgement with the pairing. It was a bit too earthy for my intentions and was something of an afterthought given CH's Napa Cabs.

David Mac

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Oh, You Speak French?

Oui. I tend to stay close to the ranch in Northern California when it comes to my CH purchases. I've dabbled in South America, and even more in Washington and Oregon, but I rarely try the European offerings, probably to my detriment. This one I liked very much. I can't recall what led me to this one, but it's subtle and velvety tones had me with the first sip.


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Nice Syrah

I am very familiar with central coast syrah, not so much with French style. I enjoyed this for a change up. It is definitely medium body per the description, but good none the less. I will give it a 5 on value, because it is French and drinkable. You can't normally get a $15 drinkable French wine!


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Syrah from France

Expect sediments in Syrah from France. You should decant through a screen....very vice value for this wine!


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A very nice styled Syrah

I enjoyed this well styled French Syrah. Good nose, balance of tastes, lingering after taste. Very true to description.


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The tasting notes are accurate. A very yummy tasty wine, good with steaks and burgers or just sipping with a cigar or pipe. As for the sediment, it is no big deal. I just put the filter on my aerator and problem solved. I don't understand the criticisms of wine with sediment. Even some of the first growths develop a sediment over time.


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Really good tasting, full bodied Syrah.

Great value and a nice alternative to Cabernet for lighter dishes...lighter and fruitier but still a real mouthful.....I will buy more of this varietal.


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So-so. Sediment

Recently purchased a case. Taste/color/quality fine. But truly disappointed in amount of sediment in every bottle opened so far. Apparently unfiltered. Searced all CH descriptions I could and found no references. Maybe better luck next time ??


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Really nice Syrah

Very pleasant wine to enjoy with or without meals!


Smooth, savory Syrah - like French wine from the Languedoc

Sitting here enjoying 370 with grilled skirt steak and my mind is sifting through a number of other entree 's that would pair well with this Coteaux de Languedoc. It well may be better than any Syrah I 've yet to taste. Smooth, great on the palate...lovely blueberry piece there. At the price, a steal. I could serve this with several French inspired menus...though it it should to be held to any one cooking nationality.