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Lot 369 2009 Côte de Nuits-Villages
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Lot 369 | 2009 France

Pinot Noir

Elegant old world Pinot from one of Burgundy's best vintages of modern times.


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Cam Confidential


7 Reviews Total


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Just OK . . .

Drinkable, but nothing special. Not worth re-ordering.


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Well kept secret

I cautiously ordered only 6 bottles of this wine the first time around and was pleasantly surprised by the quality. Since then I've bought several more cases and enjoyed every bottle. Buy it while you can!


Verified Purchase

Real Deal

Cameron's got the full spectrum of great pinots--every one is a winner. From the 505 on the extreme toward cab-like richness, to the rest which are mainly up the middle strawberry-rasberry (and all great) to this, a classic, fantastic Burgundy. This really opens up nicely after a decant, so do not cheat yourself--decant for an hour or two, for sure. It smells earthy, with some rasberry, but pretty restrained. It hits the palate with initial sweetness, but then the great acidity and earthiness take over. And the finish goes on and on. Tart, rich, sweet---it's got it all. Not inexpensive--if there's a deal, jump on it!--but for a premium quality Burgundy? This is an incredible deal. You could easily spend twice this for a random wine and hit or miss. CH has the pick of the litter and has done the selecting for you. This is a can't miss. Buy it, decant it, savor it. You cannot touch this in this price range.


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not really anything special, drinkable but there are many others in this price range that are better


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Best value for a fine northern burgendy

This wine is the kind of value that for me has come to typify Cameron Hughes at its best. If you haven't had the experience of a classic northern burgundy with its delicate body and nose, here is the place to begin at a moderate price. Once you open this bottle, it will not be corked, it will be drained and disappointed friends will continue to turn it upside down for the last drops. At a recent wine tasting I attended, this wine and a Pauillac, Haut -Bages Liberal (not available through CH), stole the show. Highly recommended.

Andre, Los Angeles

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Old world pinot. Plenty of cherry on the palate, a little bit earthy. Delicious, would buy again.

Chris L, Oakland, CA

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Damn, this is a good Pinot.