Lot 365 2010 Bordeaux
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Lot 365 | 2010 France


Perfectly balanced with spicy raspberry notes and hints of earth.


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Unlike some of the other reviews ,I was anything but disappointed.I did not go in expecting a California style red. With a little decant it was very approachable and a more than excellent value and I will definitely be back for more.


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Bottle variation?

I had only one bottle of Lot 365, but it was nowhere close to the good value I am used to with CH wines. Like much of the Bordeaux available in grocery stores in southern France, it wasn't bad, it just didn't sing. Thin, not good on its own without food to fill out the palate. I wonder if this lot has a problem with bottle variation and I just got a bad one. Although I won't buy another 365, I probably will try their next Bordeaux. Their model works well most of the time.


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Outstanding Value

I guess it's a good thing that we each have our own unique tastes and expectations. I totally disagree with the first two reviewers. This is a really good Bordeaux style wine that is really starting to come around (and will just get better). I kind of hope people will continue to trash it so that CH will close it out for even less (and it's a steal now). I hope this is one of the bottles you will be bringing along on the Wine Cruise in September.


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A disappointment

I'm a big fan of CH wines, and virtually every California red I've purchased has been a good value, so I had high hopes when I purchased this French "value" wine, but it was a major disappointment. Two bottle has cork damage which ruined the wine. CH promptly refunded the cost of those. The rest of the case was just not up to the standards that I've come to expect from CH.

In the future, I'll probably limit my purchases to those reds sourced in CA for a while.


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Just O.K.

Over the last 3 years the number of "Wow's" from CH wines far far outnumber the "OK's". 365 is OK.
However this Bordeaux can't hold a candle to the competitive California reds.
To my taste, it was thin, little body and I'm not sure i would serve it to guests.
Spend a few more bucks and forego this one!

Kate from SF


Goes great with chocolate!