Lot 360 2010 Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 360 | 2010 Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

Expansive tannins revealing supple red and black fruits.


(4 Reviews)

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Cam Confidential

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4 Reviews Total


Great Howell Mountain cab

I loved Lot 253, another Howell Mountain cab. So I stocked up when Lot 360 came out. It didn't feel as flavorful as Lot 253 in the early days. I recently opened one of my last 2 bottles of Lot 360. Now it's really enjoyable. I wish Cam can bring us more Howell Mountain cabs.


Verified Purchase

Time to open.

Just opened a bottle tonight. If you have any of this lot in your cellar, this wine is ready, superb!


Verified Purchase

Phenomenal Cab

Thoroughly enjoy all of Cameron's wines but this one is by far, the best I have had to date. Took Cam's advice, bought a case, laid them down in the cellar, but I couldn't wait any longer...I had to try one. Glad I did. I decanted for close to 2 hours. First sip was what I had imagined...big, bold, full of fruit, (I got a lot of cherry), there was certainly some chocolate, and a nice earthy feel. The tannins were very mild and integrated very well in this wine. I have not tried 400 or 404 yet and look forward to those as well but they will have to go along way to beat Lot 360. Outstanding.

Andre, Los Angeles

Best Cab in the store

Opened bottle and decanted through a Vinturi. Wow, what a Cab. Best one that I've ever tried from CH. Incredibly smooth. Blackberry fruit flavor just explodes the moment you take a sip. This is ridiculous for $26.