Lot 358 2011 Mendoza Malbec (Argentina)

Lot 358
2011 Mendoza Malbec (Argentina)

Aromas of black cherry and plum carry through to the palate - and oh so drinkable now!
  • Dallas Morning News Gold Winner
Lot 358 Malbec has juicy texture and lush fruit flavor, but is most lovable for its drinkability. Violet in color, with flavor aromas of black cherry and plum that carry through to the palate. There is a nice richness, it is very balanced, not an over-the-top style. It has a long and lovely finish with firm tannins. You could age a couple years, but why bother when its drinking so well now.

Style: Full, Bold

Flavors: Cherry, Plum

Cam Confidential
This Malbec was made with our longtime producer partner in Mendoza. We have worked together now for five years, and our relationship continues to deepen with each release. 2011 was an epic vintage in Luján de Cuyo and the neighboring Valle de Uco. We identified vineyard blocks in both valleys that reveal the sheer power and balance for which Malbec is famous. If you enjoyed Lots 258 and 275, this wine will stop you in your tracks.
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Posted by: george
On: 3/2/15

An average Malbec

I am of the belief that one should be able to get a terrific Malbec for a reasonable price due to the difference between the US dollar and the Argentine Dollar. reasonable to me is $10 - 15 a bottle.
I found this Malbec to be quite average, and if it was selling for $10.00 I would call it a value. Otherwise, it is just another average Malbec, nothing special.
Posted by: Josh
On: 12/11/14

Classic Mendoza

I have been on the lookout for Mendoza cabs for as long as I have liked red wine and I would say this is right up there in terms of quality. Definitely comparable to Trapiche and Norton, other easily findable Malbecs that I would consider to be of equal value.
Posted by: kitty
On: 10/8/14


terrific wine, very reasonable priced, wish you had more.
love love love
Posted by: TwoBuckChuck
On: 9/17/14

Undistinguished, But Pleasant

This is a reserved, "old world" type Malbec. The flavors are muted and will not overpower a meal. Potentially, a wonderful accompaniment to Italian/Provencal fare.

Beautiful, red-violet color in the glass. Plum and sage on the nose.

There is such restraint to the wine on the palate. It maintains a steady pulse of plum and black cherry. There is a top note of purple sage.

The abrupt finish is disappointing, but not unexpected, as this wine does not envelop the palate. This is one of those wines that demands to be served with food; on its own, it falls a bit flat.
Posted by: James
On: 9/16/14

A Real Bargain

Great Malbec for the price.
Posted by: AgedtoPerfection
On: 9/16/14

Nice Malbec

Very nice Malbec. I would buy this again as a nice every day wine. At 10, it was the right price too.
Posted by: Earl
On: 6/10/14


Top notch Malbec!
Posted by: Dustin
On: 4/7/14

Everyday bottle

Found this on special (won't say the price, still makes me cry) and really enjoyed it - but sad that upon returning to the store, the cases and cases of this wine were all gone. You snooze you lose, I guess. Now on to the wine, very complex on the nose and needs a little time to open up. There was a smokiness to the wine that I just couldn't place, tried to enhance it with food and I think I scared it away. If you can find this for under $10, buy a case...otherwise it's still definitely worth the purchase to enjoy with a good spicy meal. I'll give it 4 stars, because I don't grade wine on a price curve...but definitely a great value.
Posted by: Angelo
On: 2/12/14

Tasteful Malbec

Very deep brilliant violet color. Pleasant cherry aroma with a nice light oak detected. The taste has a nice spice layer and richness to it. The finish is pleasant. Great with a meal, but I still enjoyed it on its own. A really nice value.
Posted by: Bob
On: 12/12/13

Great for Malbed lovers

My wife and I are both Malbec lovers, and this is a great Malbec for the price. Plenty of flavor and smoothness, Malbec is one of Cameron's consistently good varietals, and this is no exception.
Posted by: Kristofer
On: 11/20/13

Just a winner

The plum and black cherry notes are strong, but not overpowering. Not much in the way of an oak flavor that I could detect. Wonderful aroma of fruit. An excellent wine, I've had quite a few Malbecs, and this is by far my favorite. Those who have said it needs more time in the bottle may be right, but the problem is I can't resist it now... :)
Posted by: Emily
On: 7/16/13


Malbec is my most favoritest (yep made that word up) kind of wine. This is no exception.
Posted by: Lyonlove
On: 6/14/13

spicy & young

I love Malbec and realize it is made in different styles. For me this style is on the spicy side - I think it needs more time in the bottle. You can taste the future - silky, fruit forward - a good wine. I would hold on to it - I think this wine will probably be great in a couple of months as the aromatics were simply perfect - raspberry and chary - delicious.
Posted by: Scot
On: 5/9/13

Was worried right out of the bottle...

I wanted to try this wine a couple different ways to see what I wanted to do with the rest of my order and alottment of Lot 358. So, I grabbed a bottle out of the cellar, opened it, and had a glass. Immediately I was a bit worried as the wine was extremely tart and out of balance. As I began to volatize in the glass, the wine did start to open up a bit and by the time I finished the glass, it had improved. I decanted the remainder of the bottle and came back to it in an hour or so. In the glass, the plum is the primary aroma on the nose. Once it opens up a bit in the glass, I began to get a little black cherry. I do not get much oak in this bottle but I think with a couple years in the bottle, some of that may come out down the road. This is not my favorite CH wine but when you talk "value", I believe there is some definite depth to the wine and a few years in the cellare, will probably do the wine some good. That being said, for $15, I think there is some good value here and I think the wine may get better with time.
Posted by: Nicole V
On: 4/18/13

Still young, but good with food

This wine is very young and needs a little aging to soften the firm tannins. It would definitely benefit from decanting. It is a wine that is best drunk with food - steaks are a good option as is a cheese and salami plate.It also pairs quite well with chocolate. It is deep violet in color and once it has opened up it does have strong dark fruit on the front of the palette with a nice finish.

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