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Lot 353 2011 Saint Péray Blanc
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Lot 353 | 2011 France

Chenin Blanc

Lot 353 is layered with notes of granite, lime flower, and honeycomb.


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Cam Confidential


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Verified Purchase

Creamy and delicious!

This is a gorgeous wine... Drinking this in July '13, so maybe it's added some weight since that negative review... I'm getting a beautiful nose of tropical fruits and honeysuckle. Nice acidity with a splash of lemon curd and sweet cream on the palate. For people looking for an alternative to the same old Chard, SB, Pinot Grigio, give this a try! I need to jump on some more of this while its still in stock!


Verified Purchase

Longing for Lyon

Drinking this wine takes me back to a work assignment I had in Lyon back in 2011. Condrieu was all the buzz and tasting was believing. However, think of this St. Peray Blanc as a "poor man's Condrieu." On second thought, for $14 (vs. $50+ for a decent Condrieu) you'll be the wiser for choosing Lot 353.
Classic full mouthfeel and a hint of sweetness marks this white Rhone. A subtle yet crisp acidity gives this an interesting bite that broadens the food pairing options.
A wonderfully nuanced and floral wine...c'est magnifique!

Marianne M, San Francisco CA

Gets the job done

Vibrant color. Bright citrus and oaky nose. A bit sweet with an acidic finish. A soft ripe cheese paired well, helped to balance acidity.

James from Washington, DC

No, I would not recommend this to a friend

A nice wine, but the taste (initially) does not meet the expecations from Cameron's descriptions. Very dry, almost to the point of bitterness. There are some floral notes on the nose, but really very subdued. This is a decent wine--and not a bad buy--but somehow I'm missing the magic the the descriptions promised. I will keep tasting and still am optimistic, but am not sold yet.

Dick from Atlanta Ga

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

For several years, I have abstained from buying anything French (with the exception of tires, as my wife reminds me!) That was a mistake, Lot 353, with it's beautiful color and exquisite taste shows me what I have missed. Viva La France! Get this one before its gone