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Lot 352 2011 Côtes du Rhône (France)
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Lot 352 | 2011 France

Rhone Blend

A modern-styled lush wine.


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Cam Confidential


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This is a favorite. Perfect easy drinking fruitful and a winner at this price point.

I tried to buy more, after already having two cases, and it's gone!


Outstanding Value

I purchased a couple bottles at the local warehouse club...and went back and bought a case....and went back and bought a second case.

For the price and outstanding wine. For me it stands shoulder-to shoulder with any similar red I've had at over twice the price. This has become a "go-to" for my wife and me. Thanks for the great value, Cam!


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Tough Call

Don't let my star rating mislead you, this is not a flawed wine. The problem is that I have had many Cotes du Rhone at this price point, with many offerings that I have liked as much (or better). Also, I am a huge Grenache fan, so I had high (too high?) hopes.

Beautiful maroon color. The nose is restrained with hints of plum, violet, licorice and mineral. I would certainly give this Lot time to breath as there is a subtle "barnyard" note that dissipates after a short while in the glass or decanter.

A great wine on the palate; it envelops you with plum, pepper and licorice. It is one of those wines that surprise you with the way it unfolds. The mid-palate is the strength of this wine.

The finish is short and non-descript. Not my favorite (plum and pepper are simply not my thing), but still a very solid wine for the price.


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Top 2011 Côtes du Rhône

One of the first CH offerings I had the pleasure of discovering at the local Costco, this is an absolutely fantastic wine. Substantially better than other CDRs at twice the price. I ran through the case I bought at Costco and have now taken to ordering this from CH directly, even though it is more expensive than Costco's price. Still - money well spent.


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Best value

I love this wine. Can drink with anything. The wine is everything you could want from a cotes du rhone---it just needs to open for 15---30 minutes. I bought six bottles for my friend for a dinner party. He opened it and tasted it and told me it was terrible. I said I would take it all back---just taste in in a little while. He came back---tasted it---and laughed. Could not believe the change. I sold him back the five bottles---with a $1 service fee.


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Very balanced and pleasant

This is very stable, well balanced and is excellent with many non-meaty foods.


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Good Euro wine

We enjoyed tasting this wine. Goes well with almost anything....


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I actually thought this wine wasn't very good when I first tasted it. I even thought there was something wrong with the wine. I let it breath and In 15 minutes the wine was pretty good and in half an hour it was excellent! Lush, bold and complex. Would purchase again.


Why would you buy anything else?

First off - I got this on sale at my local grocery store over the weekend and since I hadn't tried this lot before I decided to give it a shot. It was $7.99/bottle, and at that price it is a complete steal. I made the mistake of drinking it first with the fresh tomato sauce I was already preparing - not a great match but still drinkable. After dinner we had it with some 86% cacao dark chocolate, I think they were almost made for each other - next time I'll go with an 80 or a 72, but definitely an intense dark chocolate goes very well with this. Bottom line, for this price I'm heading back to get a case to be our "house wine", something to drink when I don't want to go out of the way to make something especially for my wine. When you look at your choices at the supermarket in this price range...why would you buy anything else?


Verified Purchase

Delicious; luscious

Wish this wine was still available. At $12, it is a real steal. Opened the first of 6 bottles tonight. Put through the Vinturi aerator to ensure that it was fully open. Served along with pork with cranberry-orange sauce. Perfect. When the pork was finished, brought out the chocolate. The best was the 80% cacao, but it wasn't bad with the 58%. Expect we will prepare a dinner for friends and serve Beef Filet. I am dreaming of the wonderful pairing.