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Lot 348 2009 California Field Blend
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Lot 348 | 2009 California

Field Blend

Concentrated black fruit is layered with subtle notes of chaparral.


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Cam Confidential


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Verified Purchase

Second best wine ever from Cam

This wine is super fantastic!! When Cameron visited Ohio about a year and a half ago, I got the chance to ask him personally for a recommendation. I told him that my favorite wine of his was Lot 244 ( which is no longer available), a red blend that was beyond belief. He said I should try his Lot 348, a new Tempranillo blend that I might like also. Since this Lot # was not available in OH, I ordered it from the web site and I've done so several times now. Cameron did not steer me wrong - this wine blend is second only to Lot 244 and the price is right also. Cameron is a great guy - if you ever get the chance to meet him don't pass it up. Cheers!!


Verified Purchase


I am having trouble with this review (the wine is unusual to me). Bone dry, almost astringent in the mouth (think Petit Verdot dry, if that helps). Definitely a wine to pair with food. Black cherry and oak flavors are most dominant. A medium-long finish (15+ seconds) adds to the wine's appeal. If you take your coffee bold and black, this wine will appeal to you.


Verified Purchase


Beautifully fruity with hints of cherry and great oaky finish. A wonderful tempranillo blend, the best I've had from CH!


Light and Fruity

Great value, I bought it at Costco after the recommendation of the CH Sales guy and it was great for a light fruity smooth wine. Great for summer and with fish. But may be not for those who prefer a bold red.

Tina Turner


Fruity and flavorful! Gets the wheels turnin while proud mary keeps on burnin!

JW from Rdub

Great Wine

Sweet taste while having a smooth/tangy fruity finish. No dark after-tones. Great wine to recommend to a friend.