Lot 343 IGP Pays d'Oc Meritage
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Lot 343 | 2011 France


Gold Medal: SF International Wine Competition; cassis and lush blue/black fruit aromatics gently touched with toasty-mocha oak.


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Cam Confidential


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Smooth, few tannins, beuatiful nose

So, last night I tasted my first bottle of the two new Zins and reviewed Lot 438 with full intentions to go to its bro, Lot 431, tonight. And then it happened: I needed an extra slot in my Eurocave to cellar some 501, and that slot was taken by Lot 343--and so it had to be slaughtered tonight!

Poor baby--lucky I!

With all my traveling (the CH folks probably wonder why they never send shipments to my home address!), this was going to be the last home-cooked meal before another early-morning departure. So Lot 343 was served up with a hearty NY strip and Kamado-prepped potato slivers and a healthy salad. Actually, I am till nursing the rest of the bottle right now but wanted to write down my impressions. Lot 343 is amazingly approachable for a French wine. It is happy, from the get-go. Its nose is just so wonderful, like a Monet painting, full of lil' red poppies .... What follows is not as "classic" but still damn fine if you don't wait all night to kill the bottle. As I am writing, all those complex flower and berry tones are starting to dissipate.

I can't remember how much I paid for this gem, but it was in the low teens, I believe. Think about all the swill that they sell in the grocery store for a tenner! This wine is an exceptional value (valeur exceptionel--as they like to say in French), and if there's any left, go get some. You won't be disappointed.

The five stars are applicable if it's still available for $13 or less. I'm a tightwad, as my friends say....


Just buy it already

Very surprised with this wine, didn't read the reviews just bought it at Whole Foods when they had a crap load of cases sitting on the floor. I'll be heading back to buy much more. Needs a little time to open, but once it does it is magnificent if you like jammy wines - but not at all what I expected from this. Extremely fruit forward and delicious, I will be happy making this a daily pick, something that goes well with food or alone.


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Good Buy

We liked it! Very drinkable (especially at this price). As others have said, is jammy and somewhat Zin like. Worked well with left over turkey and dressing!


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Perfect red table wine

We purchased this for our open house based on Cam's video and the $10 price. It is a perfect all-purpose wine because it goes with everything. The flavor opens up as you swirl it, so don't jump to conclusions with the first sip.



Strawberry jam flavors. I thought this wine would be rather average since it's one of the cheaper ones in the store, so I was pleasantly surprised. Great structure and big fruit - I loved it but it does not taste like a Meritage - more like a Zin.


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Not what I expected

According to the description of the reviews of this wine it was compared to a Californis Zin, big bold and jammy. Starting with the boutique I found no fruit just mineral. Definately different wth hints of currant, oak a dense wine that is both earthy and complex. I tried it on pizza night and yes, it was better with food, but still a bit disappointing.


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A very different French wine!

I was very surprised that a red this young is so ready to drink. But more than that, the style of the wine also surprised me. I have not experienced French reds that I would say are fruit bombs (and I mean this in a positive way in this case). This reminded me of a well made California zin. The nose was full of flint, with a little smoke, cream and dark berries. The taste was also of dark fruit, cream, very smooth and quite jammy. The finish was smooth with a more subtle dark fruit flavor and was rather long. All in all, this is quite a bargain for the price. We rated it 91 pts.