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Lot 342 2008 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 342 | 2008 Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

Intricate layers of black/red berries, mineral, graphite, and spring flowers.


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Cam Confidential


7 Reviews Total


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Actually have some Stags Leap

Based on reviews, we'll open this 342 & the Stags Leap with friends & cowboy cut ribeyes for spme blind tasting fun. What a great value as far as the cost comparison of the two bottles.


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Great Wine

Shhh. Don't tell. This is one of the best Cameron Hughes wines I've tasted. I bought two cases. Hurray!


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Love it!

Lot 189 has been one of my favoriats, but only 3 bottles left. So when 342 was released I ordered 2 cases. Opened 1st bottle tonight. Smooth with that mineral taste Stags Leap Cabs have. If 189, 303 or 404 were to your taste you will not be disappointed.


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Better than a $75 Napa Cabernet

We were wine tasting this weekend in Napa. Places shall remain nameless. We tasted a few reserve $75 Napa Cabs. The wines were nice - really nice. Then we went home and opened a bottle of Lot 342 - literally floored. This wine is better - not only in taste but in complexity and pure fruit. Truly awesome Cab. Nice work Cam!

Dr. D

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On the edge

Ok, so I remember lot 189 all too well. Bought it, loved it and bought some more. Owen recommended it and was 100% on the ones with that one. This one isn't quite as illustrious.
I too bought 2 cases. No I haven't consumed all of it, but the two bottles I've opened have been on opposite ends of the spectrum. The first bottle was opened, pour and left to breath for close to 2 hrs. Even after that much time no one felt it would get better and eventually it was discarded. It was acidic, sour and flat. Completely unlike ANY wine we had even had from CH (even the cases of Zin which I had returned were good but just too jammy--basically that was just not to our taste but a well made wine).
To be safe I gave a bottle to a close friend to try and opened another bottle myself. This is where the story changes. Both of these bottles were solid. T start of with no time decanting. Straight pour and a swish and was consumed. Rest color, great legs and inviting bouquet. Lots of fruit, a little leather, and casis. Personally this time I would have loved to pair it with grilled lamb medallions. Ordinarily I would say poultry wouldn't hold up, but duck works great! Worth a try but hoping there's not so much variation.


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Owen Hits Homerun

Love Lot 303, so when 342 was offered Owen and I put our virtual heads together and discusses similarities. Owen's a champion guy and said "...if you like Lot 303, you'll dig this wine."; I ordered two cases.

While 342 is not as complex a wine (at least at this point in its life)...and has a bit more fruit than Lot 303, it is round in the mouth and drinks easily upon opening with no decanting; albeit it did open up beautifully with about 30 minutes in the glass. Don't know if it will show greater complexity with time in the cellar, but it's a total home run just as is!

Way to go, Owen!

Graham, NY

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Got this in my April wine club and popped one of the bottles open after seeing the email about it yesterday. Wow - despite being an '08, it displays a lot of youthful character while still delivering on complexity. Not overly tannic, full of vibrant fruitiness, and shows a lot of potential for aging. Great Cab.