Lot 334 2010 Napa Chardonnay

Lot 334
2010 Napa Chardonnay

Sun-kissed nectarine, fresh almond, honeysuckle and lemon verbena are tightly woven with a glorious floral finish.
What a gorgeous nose - crisp nectarine, honeysuckle and Marcona almond mingle with pretty minerality. The palate is fresh and lively with plenty of nectarine, honeydew, and lemon verbena in a long, structured finish, underpinned with almond and floral notes. Delicious and refreshing.

Style: Light, Fruity

Flavors: Almond, Lemon Verbena, Mineral, Nectarine

Cam Confidential
Lot 334 is sourced from vineyards up on Atlas Peak in Napa Valley and actually qualifies as such. The wine is made under the auspices of our winemaking team and it's similar in style to our Atlas Peak offerings but with about 15-20% less barrel allowing for fuller fruit expression and brightness. We labeled it Napa Valley to avoid confusion with the more powerfully oaked 314 and 324, but make no mistake about it, this is fantastic fruit - we just felt it needed its own expressive cuvee. There is 50% Malolactic fermentation, but I would hardly call this a buttery wine. Also, given its provenance at 1700+ foot elevation, it loves a few minutes of air to open up. While I mention the “refreshing on a hot day” character of this wine, it is not necessary to serve it ice cold. Actually cellar temp of 55 degrees is just about perfect – cool enough to refresh and warm enough to express all of its nuance.