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Lot 299 2007 Minervois Syrah, Single Vineyard
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Lot 299 | 2007 France


Blackberry, fresh raspberry, sandalwood, dusty cocoa and finish with delicate hints of vanilla and toast.


(8 Reviews)

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Wine Details
Cam Confidential


8 Reviews Total


Pure liquid delight

Just found what must be the very last bottle of Lot299 . Opened it last night with lamb chops for supper and finished the bottle between wife and myself. What a lovely smooth balanced rich wine! Just pure liquid delight! Wish I had kept more.....

Paul from Connecticut

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Even Better Now!

I found an overlooked bottle of this wine in my cellar. Opened it tonight, fantastic! Isn't it about time you sent Cameron back to France and Itialy? As in this lot and lots 272 and 274? Cheers!


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Great wine!

Bought this a year ago, opened 1st bottle last night. What a wonderful wine. Should have bought more.


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Drank this last night and we all enjoyed the deep rich flavors. It was great and got better as the evening went on. Intense flavors that worked and great finish! Definite recommendation.


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Great Alternative to our typical Cab

Not sure why this got a bad review. We opened this up to kick off a Girls Night and it was a hit. I tend to gravitate towards bold cabs, so this was a nice alternative that fit the bill. I noticed that the cork bared the Abbottts label, who also produced another favorite of ours, Lot 370. Crossing my fingers this stays in stock long enough to buy more next month.


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Great Bang for Buck

The first thing you can't fail to notice is the heady bouquet. Nothing Conservative about this one. A fabulous aroma and taste one can truly smack one's lips lips over. Delectable!

Kristin from San Mateo, CA

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

I love dark, jammy Syrahs and this one doesn't dissapoint! If you like fuller bodied wines with lots of fruit, this is your wine.

ChrisP from Lakeland, FL

No, I would not recommend this to a friend

I often enjoy a big, full-bodied California red, with lots of fruit balanced with bracing tanins, and a mouth feel ranging from "puckering" to "silky". So I was looking forwartd to this "BIG RED". Unfortunately, I found it to be a "Fruit Bomb". It's big. It's bold. But I can't describe any natural "fruit". It tastes like a scientest concocted it in a factory - NOT like anything Mother Nature grew. There's no balance, no tanins, no silk, no pucker, nothing that really even tastes like wine. Just heavy and BIG. I've had 30-40 other Cameron Hughes wines, and I'd rate them all from a 3 (average) to a 5 (awesome). This is the only real dud I've had. I tried it with food, without food, decanted. It just went from Big-and-ugly to Big-and-ugly-and-stale...Chris.