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Lot 279 2009 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 279 | 2009 Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

A beautiful nose of ripe dark plum, blackberry pie, and lush cassis fruit.


(9 Reviews)

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Wine Details
Cam Confidential


9 Reviews Total


Soooo good!

We just came across a couple of bottles of CH Lot 279 in our cellar. Open one and are blown away at how good this is! Too bad it's gone (I looked online immediately). Just another reminder of some of the great values that come from Cameron Hughes.



World Market buy.
Wish I would have bought a few cases. Unbelievable Stags Leap wine at a discounted price. Just now tasting it and they sold out a long time ago


One wine changed my view on bargains...

We happened upon this wine when visiting a World Market store while out of town. Apparently the shipment was a mistake, because the wine steward said they were supposed to get the Cam Collection cabernet instead. He said they most likely would never see this again. I purchased one bottle. I'd never heard of Cameron Hughes (the wine is not sold anywhere near us).

When I opened this wine, I could not believe what I was tasting. It did not taste like a $12 was competing with some of the best wine I've had in my cellar.

Initially the alcohol nose was very strong but we decanted it for about a half an hour...and it was so incredibly smooth, so well integrated. The flavors (and the memory) remained long after the wine was gone. This is something I've only ever experienced with very high end (and high priced) wines. I actually went back into the kitchen to see if I'd mistakenly opened one of my special reserve bottles...

I had to look it up on the internet after see exactly what it was I had purchased. Imagine my surprise to find this page...find out the wine was from my favorite wine district...I couldn't believe anyone could supply something this excellent for that price. And yet I was still sipping it so I knew it wasn't my imagination.

After I started researching CH's business model, I knew I wouldn't be able to repeat this exact wine, if I didn't go back and purchase the same lot. So the next day we went back and bought every bottle the store had in stock. Unfortunately that was only a little over a case.

Thank you to every at CH for a very lovely surprise. I've since ordered a few other Napa Cabs from the website and am hoping for good things (once they get over travel shock). If all goes well, I expect we'll be back...repeatedly!!


Verified Purchase

Another GREAT Cab

Seems I always wright these revues after the lot is gone. Right now this Cab is superb right out of the bottle.

Da Galloping GoomBah

Dis is good Vino.

I know, and you know, and Vino.
My first CH wine tasting, I have a case stashed away
at my bro's house in Cali - no wine deliveries to da zone.
I was shopping at whole foods, and since I purchased a case of
pricier and better rated CH vino (at the bro's house in Cali) I figured
I might as well give Cameron's vino a try.
Mighty fine stuff - well worth the price ($19.95).
In the future, I have found my wine negociant.
Sir: Please keep up the good work.
I will review the vino I have stashed in Cali.



We just left a tasting at Cliff Lede Winery, whose SLD cab sells for $70. Bought this on the way back to the B&B for $20. Sipping this without food; it doesn't even need a food pairing. Velvet feel on the tongue, big fruit, smooth finish. Honestly it is extremely difficult to tell this from the Cliff Lede! Not to knock the CL, but for the price difference it is a no brainer.


Verified Purchase

Excellent Value

Since I had already gone through most of both of my cases from about 18 months ago, I knew this was a great deal. This wine has really come into its own in the last few months and the discount was too tempting to pass up...


Verified Purchase

The Best So Far

I think this is the best cab I have had from C/H, and only $20. I wish there was more to buy.


Verified Purchase

If not it

This wine would be $60 bucks easy here in Atlanta...Smooth as silk, great finish--with steaks, outta sight!