Lot 266 2009 Los Carneros Pinot Noir

Lot 266
2009 Los Carneros Pinot Noir

Recommended by Dave McIntyre, Washington Post; Aromas of lavender, violet, and blackberry.

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Lot 266 is ripe with lavender, violet, and blackberry aromas. Fruit and powdery floral notes are interlaced in a silken smooth texture. A splendid Pinot Noir with a classically Carneros finish of cola and earth.

Style: Full, Bold

Cam Confidential
Lot 266 is classic Carneros Pinot Noir. It’s about half Napa Carneros and half Sonoma Carneros. The only problem is the large winery that sold the wine forgot and just listed it as North Coast. We loved the wines and bought it despite the not so impressive appellation only to find when the paperwork went through the wines was actually Carneros appellation. This wine comes from a large wine company (obviously – who else would mislabel their bulk wine and then sell it at half price) with big ultra-premium Pinot Noir brands so it’s hard to tell which program these wines came from. I wouldn’t hesitate to say compare these wines at $24-28/bottle. This wine saw 30% new French oak for about 9 months before being zipped up in tank for a few months and bottled earlier this year. We got the wines for a song in retrospect and I don’t suspect we will be able to get anything close to this deal again so grab it up now.