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Lot 263 2002 Ribera Del Duero Gran Reserva Tempranillo
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Lot 263 | 2002 Spain


Incredibly pure plum fruit and a silken opulent texture.


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Cam Confidential


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Really nice middle-weight blockbuster!

Such a great character, in typical Temp. style! Full of life: Sun, earthy vibrance with a tricky ending. 10 years! What a bargain, and caught this during the Mardi Gras sale. Really worth it, and happy to see it's all sold out. That's a message to you, CH, that this one should be pursued again.

Lovely juice. Happy we have 16 more bottles... it'll be hard to say good-bye.

Paul from El Cerrito, CA & Reno, NV

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

A decade, and now we're drinking it. Cam's comment, in his review, about the curious custom of Spanish winemakers in laying down their best for 6-8-10 years is right on the money. But buy the wine, let it recover a bit from the travel, and then open it for a special occasion. The tartness that is part of a young tempranillo is gone from this wine; it's hitting its own, and I agree that anyone really patient could wait another decade or two to drink this and it would be something else again. Most of us won't wait that long, and Lot 263 is exactly the sort of Ribera del Duero product that Americans should learn to love. The first careful tasting usually takes care of that.

Mykl from Campbell, CA

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

REMEMBERING LOT 263, AN EVENING OF GRACE AND STYLEIt's never easy to say goodbye to a bottle of wine who has been a part of our lives. When that wine is gone, there's a hole where it used to be in your life. That's what many of us are feeling today.Some of you knew my Lot 263 Tempranillo better than others, but you're here because this juice had an impact on your life at my place last night, and you want to honor that. And because Lot 263 Tempranillo did affect you in some way, it's not going to be easy to say goodbye.At such a difficult time, it's important to remember the good memories we all have of Lot 263 By holding on to those memories, we can focus on the good times we had together, and help each other find comfort in this difficult time.Some of you may remember when I uncorked it and we tasted it before decanting Or perhaps others of you recall your first sip through the aerator. Even as a child, Lot 263 made a difference in people's lives, the planting, the harvest, the bottling. Lot 263 was a friend the entire evening. We will never forget its inky dark brooding fruit and the way it opened up to such a warm friend in only an hour. We will always remember how Lot 263 livened up the evening and touched all our lives with grace, class, style and attitude. And more than anything else, Lot 263 Tempranillo was a 2002 vintage, and a Gran Reserva at that from Ribera del Duero. I remember the voluptuous nose, the explosive finish. Some of you might think this is going too far for a mere bottle of wine. Please remember Lot 263 was not a mere bottle of wine. We are saying goodbye to a Tempranillo that had a big impact on our entire evening. It's always hard to lose someone you know, to let go of, and move on. But if we keep those good memories in our hearts and minds, we can find comfort by going to and ordering more while it is still around. Order more today and Lot 263 Tempranillo will always be with us.Just by reading this here, you're showing Lot 263 had an impact on you. And that's a great comfort to me to know it can be ordered and can still touch other people's lives in the same way it touched mine. And that's how I'll always remember Lot 263 Tempranillo. ~Mike Welch

Mets4life from New York, NY

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

My friend brought over a bottle the other evening for a dinner party. We tasted through 4 different wines and then had your Lot 263. We were all blown away! It's complexity, richness, smooth, velvety tannins, and beautiful dark fruit. Your Tempranillo stole the show, hands down. I am on here to write this review, and I will be calling shortly to place an order. I am so excited to have found you guys!

Nick from San Mateo, CA

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

So dark purple it's almost black out of the bottle. Decanted it with our Vinturi and served it with dinner. Incredible plum and dark berry flavors - really great smooth finish. I'll totally buy this again.


Beautifully delicious

The quality of this wine is amazing! It's one of my favorites of the Lot Series and I haven't met one person yet who doesn't like it. It's delicious, and a great wine to impress people with. Not to mention the price is incredible!