Lot 257 2009 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 257 | 2009 Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

A luscious, silken wine with dense blackberry and cherry infused fruit.


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Great everyday cab and a good value

Berry flavor definitely comes through. Tannins suggest it will improve with age, but likely will be long gone by then.


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A Napa Cab for $18?? I'm sold

I thought this was a great deal for a Napa Cab under $20. It is super easy to drink, a very low tannin Cab. Granted you get not as much structure as some of the other CH wines, but at $18 it's worth every penny. Not a heavy Rutherford Cab, but if that's what you like then get that wine. This Cab is for the fruit lover.

Graham, NY

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Syrah drinker's cab

Picked up a couple of these during their big sale. Serious, serious value.

Dry tannins, a little spice on the finish. Very fruity, chocolatey aromas. Tastes a bit smoky, and finishes a little "hot" (but it is 14.7abv). Definitely a smooth cab on the fruitier side and not heavy.


Not ready for prime time

To say this is "one dimensional" is a gift. I rarely write a review but this time I felt compelled.
This is a $5/bottle at best. Really doesn't deserve to be on the CH roster as so many of their wines do, lot 32 and lot 200 come to mind. Still available at Costco, so beware.