Our Founders

Cameron Hughes Wine was founded in 2001 by Cameron and his partner Jessica Kogan.

Cameron grew up in Modesto in California’s Central Valley, one of America’s largest wine growing regions. After graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder and spending a few years on the production side of the wine business, he worked at the Wine Group, a French négociant, and a South African importer before adapting an “American négociant” model to establish Cameron Hughes Wine.

Jessica is an east coast transplant, born and raised in Washington DC. An NYU graduate, her career includes stops at Donna Karan, Hill+Knowlton, and Razorfish, with various tours of duty working on brands like Elizabeth Arden, Urban Decay, Giorgio Armani, and more. She met Cameron in 1999, and they launched the Lot program in 2004. Her background in PR, branding, and the digital customer experience were a natural fit to Cam’s wine industry training as they created one of America’s first wine brands sold online.

Cam and Jess live in the San Francisco Bay Area. They share two fantastic daughters, two lovable labradors, and an exciting history at one of America’s pioneering wine companies.