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Hughes Wellman 2010 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
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Hughes Wellman 2010 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon

Our flagship Napa Valley Cabernet. Double Gold Medal, SF Chronicle Wine Competition 2013


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Cam Confidential


25 Reviews Total


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Outstanding Series

The last bottle of 2010 Hughes Wellman was enjoyed this weekend. What an exceptional cab. Just a wonderful experience. Wish you were still making this series. Worth every penny we paid. BTW this was bottle #4262 of 6,600.


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Worth The Wait

Have been waiting for just the special occasion to open one of the two bottles I've been holding. Took one to Roy's last evening to share a birthday celebration with friends. They decanted the wine for us. I advised my friends to go slow. The experience was awesome. As the wine opened the complexity continued to expand. Can't wait to share #3 next year.


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Full bodied, excellent taste

This was the first non "under 15" I tried from Cam and really enjoyed it. Made me feel comfortable buying others in the future. Enjoyed it over a steak dinner with my wife, a great complement!


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Really beautiful wine.

I debated for months about buying this one. Mostly because some of the recent Lot number Cabernets were so excellent, I couldn't imagine this one being much better for the price.

Unfortunately now that it's too late, I wish I had purchased more than 2 bottles.

I agree with the previous poster that said this wine was very complex. And we found it to be enjoyable on each layer.

Being aged more than some of the Lot # Cabs (which we have loved also but they do require long decants still), we found it more smooth on the initial approach as well.

I can only hope that there will be another Hughes-Wellman offering in our future.

Thank you for all the amazing wines you've given us over the years. And for everything you've done to offer very excellent wines at such reasonable prices.


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This is the best H-W since the 2006, which was outstanding. Full, smooth, nice bouquet. An excellent wine.


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Amazing evolution of flavors

I'm not good at wine tasting jargon, so I'll state it simply. The flavors in this wine never stop changing from the moment the wine hits my tongue until long after swallowing. If that's what complexity is, then this wine is probably the most complex I've tasted. This is the only wine that, literally, made me smile and say, "wow", after letting the first taste progress from start to finish.


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A Special Occasion Wine

Got lucky and purchased a case; now use it for serious wine aficionado's and close family.

A brief hour's decant makes this a remarkable sipping wine which pares with lots of red meats and holds its own, even over garlic infused roast beef!


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The best from Cameron Hughes!

This wine is exactly what I expected, big and bold with great flavor and a smooth long finish. Easily worth twice as much. I open one when I have guests who appreciate great wine or when I feel I deserve to celebrate. Top notch!


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On 2nd Thought - 5 Stars

I previously reviewed this wine & gave it a solid 4 stars, but after my 2nd bottle consumed I believe my review was not accurate. This wine is easy 5 starts because it tastes like a $90 bottle. Outstanding value for a premium wine. Incredibly smooth & full-bodied.