Dominique Cornin 2014 Pouilly-Fuissé
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Dominique Cornin 2014 Pouilly-Fuissé


Only 29 cases available! An ethereal, dramatic display of exotic fruit made from 60-100 year old vines.

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I've been drinking this bottle over the week and it's slowly dawned on me how great the wine is. Not much point in reviewing since it's sold out though - unless there's more on the way? Anyway, it's great. Totally French - lively, refreshing, clear. Thumbs up.


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a very civilized, elegant drink

Over 20 years ago, when I had more money to spend on wine (no wife or kids) I dabbled a bit with White Burgundies. I eventually gravitated to big, oaky California Chardonnay. After a while I came to despise and avoid all things Chardonnay. I got shut out on a few "friends" offerings and took a shot at this one. I opened it up and started working on it while pan searing some giant scallops. It was nice enough, very subtle and complex. When my wife and I sat down to eat, the wine and the scallops became one. It became much more than just a meal. Every bite and sip was savored. It was a chance to slow down, relax and forget about all the B.S. going on all around me. That meal reminded me why wine remains one of my passions. Cam, many thanks for offering it. I probably would never have bought that bottle anywhere else. I went ahead a bought the $50 Meursault to have with my wife's birthday dinner. Yeah, Cam you pretty much do have the best job on the planet. Cheers