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Della Robbia Rosso
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Della Robbia Semi-Sweet Italian Rosso

Sweet Red Blend

Fizzy, refreshing, delicious, rich, juicy flavors of black cherry and strawberry.


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Cam Confidential


19 Reviews Total


amazingly supprized

purchased the rosso as a total unknown, held it for a while, some friends opened it and thought it went bad because it 'sparkled' i tasted it, it was fine and sparkling... they passed, i didn't.

i thought i would do a simple sangria one afternoon, splashed in a dash of OJ & Cranberry over ice and WOW!!! remarkable transformation. so delicious not in anyway overly sweet, just perfect, mellow and incredibly DRINKABLE.

i would get this again anytime anywhere, just like another cameron hughes 2013 pinot i tried earlier this year....which was absolutely amazing as well.... wish i could find that again!


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in love with this red

I love the light, bubbly sweetness of this red - a new favorite!


Perfect Red for Me

I ordered 2 boxes of 6 so 12 bottles of this wine during the Christmas Holiday. I am still being asked were did I get this wine. I gave it out as gifts and took it to relatives homes to celebrate. I rarely drink red wine due to their acidity and my acid reflex but this wine is smooth and causes me no issues with my acid reflex. Overall I am down to my last 2 bottles and need to know how I can order more!


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Too sweet

Although this wine is entirely too sweet for me, I can see how it would be desirable for the sweet/dessert wine lover. Incidentally, it had a smooth finish and slight effervescence that was nice.


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Sweeter than I figured

This red was full of flavour, but much sweeter than I expected. Not a table dinner style wine, but with the slight fizziness, a really nice dessert wine. It paired well with fruit and sharp cheeses. It was closer to some sangrias I have enjoyed in the past.


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Sweet but not too sweet...

I do not like sweet reds but this was so smooth and great aftertaste that I'd get it again.


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Did not like

This wine is way too sweet and takes like grape juice. Did not care for it at all.


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Too sweet

I don't mind a good sweet red wine, but this one was bordering on Grape Nehi.


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No thanks

Not my cup of tea (or wine) at all. My wife and I poured out the first bottle and gave the rest to my dad (who, to be fair, did like it). Too sweet and fizzy for us.


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I love this wine. It is semi-sweet, so I was able to share it with my friends with a wide variety of tastes. It has a slight bubbly taste...not fizzy, but definitely has a sparkle! It makes for a great girls night out wine.