Inky, Concentrated, Profoundly Rich, Massive, and Blockbuster are the typical descriptors critics apply to the wines of Delectus. Located just up the hill from Peter Michael Winery, Delectus Cabernets are all sourced from its Estate Vineyard, The Ranch, which stretches from 1500 to 2000 feet above the Knights Valley floor, high up on the western slopes of Mount St. Helena. Aged in oak for 24 months (70% French, 20% Hungarian, 10% American, 65% new) before bottling, these profoundly rich, tooth-staining Cabernets are made with tremendous precision by an 8th generation winemaking genius, Gerhard Reisacher. Uncompromising and virtually impenetrable in their youth, they are some of the most age-worthy wines produced in California (we’re talking about 20-40 years here), often requiring 6-7 years in the bottle before even beginning to crack open. Lucky for you, we’ve assembled verticals stretching back to the 2009 vintage, the Cabernets from which are now beginning to open up and strut their stuff. Without a doubt these are the most collectible, age-worthy wines ever offered here. Given the incredible pricing, no collection should be without.

We are offering today three different vineyard “cuvees”; in short, the higher you go up the hill the “bigger” the structure.

  • French Wedding – this Cabernet is sourced at 1500 foot elevation and a  “marriage” of two French Cabernet clones, 15 and 337. French Cabernet cloners are typically “softer” than their California brethren. Retails for $85, priced in our collections at $45.
  • Boulder Falls – named for the massive boulder unearthed when the vineyard was planted, this cuvee is sourced from the Clone 4 Cabernet planted at 1600-1800 feet. Retails for $110, priced in our collections at $50/bottle
  • Bear Crossing – planted top Clones 6 and 7 at 1800-2000 feet of elevation, these massive wines are not for the faint of heart. Retails for $130, priced at $60 in our collections.