Cinergi 2018 Lodi Red Blend
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Cinergi 2018 Lodi Red Blend

Red Blend

18 years in the making! A red blend throwback to one of the first wines we ever produced in 2002.


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Cam Confidential


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Should have bought more

Greatly enjoyed this blend. Deep, rich color; fruit forward, with beautiful finish. Only bought 3, wish I’d bought more!


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It's got zazz!

I love red wine blends and this one just has zazz. It's flavorful and well-balanced. Love it!


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I can understand why other love this wine!

Some wines I would describe the taste, but with this wine, I describe as a fun wine. Great color and legs and full taste. This one just puts a smile on the face.


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It was interesting that this was a redo of Cameron's first wine. I often forget how much I like petite syrah. This blend make it very approachable, crowd pleaser mouth feel, being fruit forward and not too much alcohol. Like all big reds, benefits from some air. I went to buy a case and was sold out, but CHW always has nice blends. I did buy some 674, also a petite syrah blend, that will be a substitute and a nice change of pace from Cabs and Pinot. I think it is an everyday win, but for the price, you will not touch it at the local wine shop.


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Rich and Reliable

Very rich and coats the mouth in a velvety way. Good balance with tannins and smooth all the way through. A great reliable table wine.


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Nice yummy blend

This is one of my favorites from my orders . So smooth and delicious too bad I only have 2 bottles left and it's out of stock .


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Need more Wine!

I cannot get enough of this wine. It is like candy. It is so easy to drink. Full body, fruity but not sweet. Goes well with all my summer grilled dishes. I've bought 3 cases so far and will order more as soon as it is available again. A great bottle.


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Good food wine

Enjoyed this one with a big pork chop. Deep red. Fruity/honey (sweetness) on the nose. An acidity that works well with food (like pork). Long smooth finish with some cheek drying tannins.


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Loved, loved this wine. So disappointed that it's sold out or I would have bought more bottles!


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Easy drinker!

I’d classify this red as a great summer “porch pounder”! Easy drinking & a little fruity!