Cameron Hughes 2018 Club Selection

Cameron Hughes 2018 Club Selection


Our first ever Club exclusive release - an exquisite Napa Valley red wine!


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Cam Confidential


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Great Wine!

Took a few bottles back home for mom's bday. This bottle was by far the best. It was my parent's favorite. Will buy more to hold. I decanted for 2 hours. It will probably be best at 3.


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Already ordered more

I have been ordering more of the CH Meritages lately and this is probably the best one yet. Very rich with a great finish after about 3 hours. I ordered more that I plan to hold for a while as I think this will get even better with time.


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Wow ! I am impressed

There are two Meritage in this shipment. Both are amazing! This club selection is more complex in taste, with refreshing fruit note. I bought more when it is available for the club member to purchase


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Great one!

I think this is the best CH wine I've had. So good, that after sampling the gift provided by the company, I ordered a case of it.


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Just like a well aged Bordeaux

The best value yet


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The best

This one was special! Top two or three meritages that I personally have had. Purchased additional bottles for my celler. Great Christmas gift surprise.


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Fruit forward with balance

I, too, appreciated the holiday gift. Enjoyed the wine and bought two cases before they were gone (which happened quickly). The wine is delicious and in my opinion reflects a California fruit forward style. Lots of dark fruit, inky in the glass, wonderful long finish. Some may find the fruit too concentrated, but I believe with some time in the cellar the wine will mellow and integrate further making an excellent wine even better.
This is another GREAT example of Cam's ability to source amazing wine with depth at incredible prices.


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Drinks like a Bordeaux

I was pleasantly surprised to receive this bottle with my quarterly club case, and had to try it right away to determine if I should buy more while they were still available. Am I glad I did! This has the feel of a pricey Bordeaux, and I decided to order 6 more to put in my cellar. It is lucious on the palate, with a strong finish. Cam has definitely hit a home run with this selection, and I encourage everyone who likes Bordeaux wines to get this Meritage ASAP!


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Very Nice Surprise

Was happy to receive this as a gift with the latest club offering and tried it over the holidays and wow it was on point. Snapped up more when it was made available to club members and plan on laying them down for a little while longer.


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Best from Cam yet

Opened this Club gift bottle with high expectations and wasn't disappointed. I'd give it 10 stars if I could. Silky smooth with incredible balance of fruit, acidity and tannin. Long finish. Gets even better the longer the bottle is opened but approachable as soon as the cork comes out. I've been buying CH wines for over two years and this is the best yet. Thanks Cam! I'll keep buying while it lasts.