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Cameron Hughes 2018 Club Selection

Cameron Hughes 2018 Club Selection


Our first ever Club exclusive release - an exquisite Napa Valley red wine!


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Cam Confidential


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Pretty darn good!

I received this as part of the December Club selection and was planning to hold for awhile, but after seeing it become available for order, went ahead and opened it to pair with some Steak Diane. (never had that before) Surprisingly, I noticed no difference in the wine immediately after opening and pouring, or after it decanted for about an hour. It has an very smooth initial mouth feel, but noticed a bit of tannic bite right at the end. This may be due to the young age and may mellow in time. It drank very similarly on day 2. Overall, very good and did not discourage me from ordering more, which I will hold a bit longer this time.


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Like many, I got this in my club box.. had planned to hold it but then with Cam’s offer I decided to try out my new Cava tool and extracted out a glass - wow. Is that some wonderfully delicious . A like meritages and this one is quite good. It’s not as big/bold as say Magnificant but still quite good. Great color and smell in the glass, probably one of the most beautiful in that regard. Would buy again.


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Super Meritage

I was planning on holding this for a while before opening it. Cam's special offer changed my mind and I am glad it did. This is a super quality Meritage. Surprisingly, it drank well right out of the bottle unlike most big, young red wines that require at least a one or two hour decant to even begin to be drinkable. I was surprised with the depth of flavor and super smooth tannins. I can only wonder how good this is going to be in a few years. Having just ordered a case, I am going to find out. Buys like this really make me glad that I am a club member.


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I normally do not like Meritage, but this one I found to be a good mid range red. It did not have the after taste of other Meritages that I have not liked before. I would not go out of my way to get this again, but did enjoy the one I had.


Verified Purchase

So far my favorite

I wasn't a huge fan of Meritage's, mostly enjoy Cabs. But this changed my mind. Most excellent, will buy again.


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One of my favorites

Up until a few years ago I was a white wine person. Generally I liked wines on the sweeter end of the scale. The I started trying to pair wines with foods & my eyes were opened. Now I prefer the reds & not the sweet ones. This wine was nice to drink with nothing to detract from the enjoyment. The only reason I didn't give it a 5-star review is that this is my first review & will base future reviews on how they compare to this one. Don't expect info on aromas & flavors from me. I just like what I like & don't know the proper terms to use, so my reviews will be unsophisticated to most. But they will be honest!


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Holy Crap!

I opened this up during the holidays and shared it with family, I regret doing that because this wine is amazing!!! SO SO GOOD, please get more!!!!


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Excellent surprise

Fabulous Meritage! Long smooth finish soft tannins will age well


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Great all around

Loved this wine. Very well balanced meritage. Would love to get more!

Jim Y

Verified Purchase


Wow, that is really nice. Aroma is tart cherry, cedar, some volcanic rock....balanced, intoxicating. Flavor is more of the same...cherry front-forward, some earthiness, little bit of cocoa, balances extremely well. I'm not usually a big fan of meritages or bordeaux blends, but this may convert of my favorites I've had from CH. Well done and thank you CH! Now...let me buy more!