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CAM Collection 2018 Russian River Valley Chardonnay

CAM Collection 2018 Russian River Valley Chardonnay


Gold Medal & 90pts, 2020 Sommeliers Choice Awards; Sourced from a blue chip estate, this is classic, archetypal Russian River Valley Chard.


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Cam Confidential


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Very Good

This bottle of Chardonnay makes learning to love Chardonnay easy. Making the switch from Red to white wines for the summer months. So refreshing.


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Nice wine!

Looking forward to enjoying this excellent Chardonnay outside this summer. My wife really liked it.


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Easy Sipping!

After one taste, you will know why it is award-winning! It is the go-to Chardonnay at our house. As a matter of fact, we just treated ourselves to a case of it.


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One of m.y favorites. CH never disappoints


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Sunny Day Wine

Enjoyed the entire bottle on our porch on a bright sunny day so it must be pretty good. We experienced honey, honey suckle, apple juice, oak, and lemon curd on the nose and palate. Very drinkable on its own.


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I'm not a great Chardonnay fan, kinda snobbish that way, so when I poured this out and tasted it, UNEXPECTEDLY smooth and tasty. My wife and I truly enjoyed this wine, sitting in the afternoon on the patio.


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great value

a nice example for friends to understand why you buy from CH, as opposed to spending $16 to $20 at the local wine shop for a bottle of chardonnay. This is simply much higher quality wine than you will find in a J. Lohr or La Crema, for instance. Drinks like a $35 to $50 bottle of RRV chardonnay.


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Buttery but clean

Ample weight for a Chard; pear and lemon are evident. Chard aged in oak can often be excessively buttery, but even though here the butter is significant, it's not overdone, but clean. A perfect example of CH great-valued wine.


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Another winner from the Cam Collection. This is an excellent, well balanced Chardonnay, not overwhelmingly oaky. We thoroughly enjoyed it.


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Bang for the Buck

It came with our Q1 wine club shipment. We have purchased this in the past and is a good go to Chard for the money.