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CAM Collection 2013 Monterey County Chardonnay
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CAM Collection 2013 Monterey County Chardonnay


The 2013 vintage of our award-winning CAM Collection Chardonnay. Smooth, rich, delicious.


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Cam Confidential


84 Reviews Total


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Very nice!

Not a great Chard connoisseur, but this one was great from the first sips. Chose this one tonight because we had a broiled "lemon" chicken and didn't want to overpower any of the subtle lemon flavor of the chicken. Great compliment to the chicken, was also very nice before we even got to the table.


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Love this CAM Chardonnay

It buttery without being too heavy. Great for Summer!


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Had family for birthday celebration every raved about the wine. Great wine great value

Jack and Linds

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Fabulous Chardonnay

Smooth, rich, and buttery – this Chardonnay won't disappoint. We ordered one with our last case to try it out and quickly ordered several more. It's a great summer time sipping wine at a reasonable price.


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Great Chardonnay

My dad likes Chardonnay so I picked this for him and he really enjoyed it stating that this is the way chardonnay should taste.


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Great wine

For the price this wine can not be best. Nice with sea food and


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We gave the CAM Collection 2013 Monterey Chardonnay a try-It was a bit more expensive than our outstanding favorite 443 but it is similar in buttery content. It has a smooth rich flavor with a bit of a tang at the finish to give it just a nice mineral finish to keep you sipping more!


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This chardonnay by Cam hits it out of the park. It's crisp and very delicious. will buy again


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I give it 4 stars.

Very nice Chardonney. Enjoy the fruit flavors and it's smooth.


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I find this Chardonnay quite nice! I love Rombauer and I'd say this Cam Collection is as similar as you can get. After receiving a case of this one and Cam Pinot Noir, I ordered another half case of the Cam Chardonnay. I love buttery, this has it but I can always enjoy even more buttery taste.