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CAM Collection 2012 Monterey County Chardonnay
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CAM Collection 2012 Monterey County Chardonnay


Gold Medal, Long Beach Grand Cru; Gorgeous California Chardonnay that offers fantastic quality for price.

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Cam Confidential


22 Reviews Total


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Very Good Chardonnay

My wife's the Chard Princess but I enjoy this wine as well.

Bryan Wellander

Verified Purchase

Very good wine.

This wine is very good.
I love it.
There is no problems with it at all.
Too bad that I see that it is sold out.


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Love this wine!

Enjoyed this so MUCH!


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Hands down beat of your Chardonnays that I've had

Love this full body, full flavor delightful Chardonnay at a very agreeable price


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Wonderful wine

My wife is a Chardonnay drinker and is very particular about the brand, ie Rombauer is her favorite. She loved this vintage but was thinking perhaps the taste wasn't consistent. She also drinks your other Chard's and it may be just the difference between them. We will continue to drink all of your wines and have turned others on to them.


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Exceptional flavor

Not just a great value, but wonderful flavor. Buttery, smooth. Thanks, CHW.


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This is a really good wine and an incredible value at $16. It is just as good as, if not better than Rombauer which retails at double the price. This wine is full body, full favor with a long lingering finish. It is balanced perfectly. While mostly a cabernet drinker, I have been drinking much more white since discovering this wine.


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Great everyday wine

Very Smooth with a lasting aftertaste that is not too strong.


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My only regret is that I waited so long to try this line. The CAM Chardonnay was done and gone before the others we purchased at the same time. What a treat for the tongue - buttery softness and light floral notes with only passing thoughts of nectarine and peaches. Yummy.


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Not for me

I was surprised at how sweet and similar to the Chenin Blanc/Riesling releases this wine is. Not what I was expecting but it won't go to waste - part of the experience!