Bravo Moscato + Stolzle Stemware

Bravo Moscato + Stolzle Stemware

Floral Fizziness and Handmade Crystal!
Our Lot 411 is back with a new vintage and a new look, though the unmistakably delicious wine is better than it's ever been! This floral, sweet (but not saccharine) wine from one of the best Moscato producers in all of Italy is fabulously frizzante and perfectly suited for gifting to anyone who's fun-loving. Impress Mom even more with this gift box by adding a pair of handmade glasses from the experts of German stemware over at Stolzle!
Lot 411 2015 Moscato d'Asti
Our #1 customer requested wine! Artisan-crafted from a single vineyard’s 30 year-old vines, Lot 411 is the pinnacle expression of Moscato and the one you’ll find yourself using as a benchmark against all others.
CHW Gift Box
Tasteful, elegant & perfect for giving.
Stolzle Red Wine Glass
Stolzle Red Wine Glass
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Posted by: Moscato/Glass Gift Set
On: 9/23/2016

Love this Moscato!

I actually bought this gift set as a wedding present for a friend this past summer but I had purchased the moscato previously for myself, so I knew it was a great wine! This moscato is one of the best I've ever had! Plus with a set of Stolzle glasses it is an amazing value and makes for a great wedding gift for a fellow wine lover!
Posted by: Lyndalily
On: 5/5/2016

This Moscato is amazing

Bought this for myself. I did not want to spend on a few bottles and take advantage of the free shipping and getting to keep wines glasses was a plus. Was not expecting this wine to be out of this world. Lot 411 is incredible - makes California Moscasto like simply syrup. I bought a case of 411 immediately. Get this!

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